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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Holidays aren't forever

Assalam, and hello readers..I'm back!! It's been a while since the last time I wrote something here..probably weeks or months ago, I can't remember. And not to mention that holidays are ALMOST OVER, which means I'm gonna be 17 soon! Ahmyglob..I'm nervous about SPM!
~Back to the topic~
During the holidays we've been doing a lot of stuff..I met my foster dad Uncle Z aka Super Salesman twice! He treated me and my sisters roti canai at the mamak store!! Ahaha..he couldn't get enough of roti canai.

And I went on a trip to Sungai Petani and Yan with the PRS gang weeks ago. We went to Pantai Merdeka to do some charity work and to the orphanage to visit the orphans. It was a long day, we departed from school at morning and reached home at night.

We didn't go on family holidays this time, we stayed at home doing chores and surfing the net. Mom's been busy lately with UUM's convocation. But she did brought me and my sisters to UUM's funfair. We got inside a huge ball and we rolled in there. AHMYGAD!! I almost broke my limbs when I crashed into my sisters inside the ball. It was painful..owh and I tried the paint ball game. I had to use a gun to shoot the cans, and I really messed things up. The experience was important, no words can describe it!

Another thing, me and my friends planned an artist reunion at C-Mart 2 weeks ago. It was fun..we met new people, and Aliyah showed us her colouring skills at C-Mart, not to mention everyone switched their burgers at Hello Burger during lunch time, which is the funny part of the meeting. It was awesome..we shared a piece of our knowledge and we had a great time together.

I've been busy making a speedpaint was tough! I really need windows movie maker, I used VideoPad software instead. Anyhow, VideoPad also helped even though it's not as satisfying as Movie Maker. I've been waiting for hours to save the video..not to mention I also waited hours long for it to upload on Youtube. I managed to upload it today, and I am soooooo relieved! I'm not sure if this is going to be my first speed paint video or my last speed paint video. Gotta hate some parts of  making, here's my video!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Penang Again

Hi guys..I'm back. A couple of days ago, my mom brought me and my sisters to Penang. We stayed there for 2 days. It was fun..We checked into Rainbow Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, and then we're off to the pool and the beach! The beach was breath-taking! I love the air and the soft sand, and also the salty seawater that kept splashing onto my face every time when the waves approached me. Yep..Penang was relaxing. I just love Penang.
 On the next day, we went to Queensbay Mall to shop and eat some ice cream. We were hungry, it's lunchtime already and we bought some pretzels at Aunty Anne's. The pretzels were delicious..owh, by the time we sat at our table, a guy approached us. He was deaf, and he was selling wooden keychains. He was still young tho' and super cute, and he's Chinese. He uses sign language to communicate with us. He took out a few key chains from his bag, they were cute..I picked a gun key chain, it was a really cute gun!! My sisters picked some hearts key chains. And he sold 1 for RM7. We bought 3, he gave us a discount and we only paid RM15. He's a nice guy..I waved him goodbye and he gave me a friendship bracelet. feels like..aaahhh (opera lady singing) it's the power of friendship! I can't forget him..he's awesome for some reason. I respect him..his ability is my weakness ( I can't really understand sign languages, and he showed me the meaning of friendship). So guys..respect the disabled, they are better than us!!
 Later, we went to BORDERS to get some books.. each of us got our own books, here are mine:
I found these and I LOVE THEMI wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't buy that Rurouni Kenshin manga..I thought it was the first episode for the whole series, but it turned about to be the first manga for the latest Rurouni Kenshin series..I am truly satisfied! And I love the manga because Takeda Kanryu's in there too!!!! There were LOTS OF KANRYU SCENES! yay Kanryuuuuuuuu   I LOVE YA!
Gotta Love this guy...He's too funny and crazy and evil!!

Kanryu..Kanryu..Kanryu....when will you marry me?????? 

Kanryu-sama DAISUKI!!!!  
Okay that's all I guess.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Rurouni Kenshin Movie

Assalam and hi to everyone! I'm sorry that I didn't update for almost 3 months..3 MONTHS!! Gawd..
You could say that I'm a bit lazy but on the same time I have tons of homework to be done. And I'm now on holidays, so Happy Aidil Adha to you guys out there. schedule's quite tight now, I need to finish a lot of homework and my school magazine editorial gang were busy editing, collecting reports, taking pictures, and collecting students' artwork. I'm one of them, so what I do is to collect all the artwork and edit them.So, I get to bring my mom's  laptop to hostel to do my work, and I made a few digital arts.

Back to the topic, I'm gonna talk about a awesome movie! It's based on a best selling manga and animation by Nobuhiro Watsuki. It was made into real life, yes..the movie is Rurouni Kenshin or commonly known as Samurai X. 
So, Rurouni Kenshin tells about an ex-assassin known as Hitokiri Battousai( Battousai the Killer)/Himura Battousai who left his past to turn over a new leaf. He vanished for 10 years and then returned to his home town, he was known as Himura Kenshin. He knew that a fake "Battousai" had been killing people, so it's up to Kenshin to put a stop to it and bring peace to his village once again, thus without killing any more.

I like everything about the movie...the casts, the costumes, the scenes, the props, the actions.. everything. It was a really awesome movie. Takeru Sato was a great actor..he brought Kenshin to life! He had the looks and the talent.

Hmm..critics?? It feels a little awkward for a 16-year-old girl like me to give critics to such an amazing movie produced by Warner Bros. Japan. I go!
~ Keishi Otomo( Director) had done his job well..I love his work. Thanks to him, Rurouni Kenshin is now a hit blockbuster! I salute you!!
~ Takeda Kanryu, played by Teruyuki Kagawa. I just wanna say one thing about him..he doesn't look like Takeda Kanryu. Yep..that's just about it. By the way ..Kagawa is an AWESOME actor. He really brought  Kanryu to life! Kanryu's a living breathing villain and I love him! Mr Teruyuki Kagawa..I salute you! You are magnificent, your acting skills and facial expressions are really ..really MIND-BLOWING. Kanryu's now my favourite character.

 My rating for this movie is..10/10. Everything's just perfect!! It's one of the best movies I've watched. I love Rurouni Kenshin. Thanks to Uncle Yob for recommending this movie to me.
And now..I'm recommending you guys to watch it, so watch it!! it's a MUST-WATCH  movie!

Owh are some fan arts I did at hostel,

Kenshin's Party Time!

In the Rain, Kanryu and Me 

( nyahaha..I'm a Kanryu fangirl!)

Okay, I guess that's about it. See ya later.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

It's Eid AGAIN!

 Assalam guys~ it's Nina again..I haven't posted anything new since that drama competition. It's now 8th of August 2013, 12:26 ante meridian. So.. the holy month of Ramadhan has finally come to an end. Today is Eid'ul Fitri!! Yeahh..freedom, happiness, and joy. And not forgetting about all the Raya goodies! Open houses..Duit Raya!
I just got back from my grandma's house for berbuka puasa. We did a little family gathering and all my cousins played fireworks. I did take a few shots of the fireworks and sparklers, but I'm not a pro my shots aren't good enough to be posted here. Hehe :D
By the way, since the beginning of Ramadhan my mom found 4 cute little kittens at the playground. They were just too small..and they didn't have a mother. My mom felt pity and took them home. So, when me and Nini got home from hostel, we were quite surprised to find out about those kittens. It's sad that only 1 kitten managed to survive, we named it Jingga..and it's now living in a healthy condition. Jingga's a true survivor! Even my dad loves cuddling it.

here's our little Jingga in the kitchen

   And not forgetting to wish all of you a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf Zahir dan Batin! Enjoy your holidays and be careful on the road guys!

p/s:  Ketika kita bergembira di hari lebaran, ada sesetengah orang di luar sana yang berdukacita..

~Al-Fatihah kepada arwah tok wan sahabatku, Sanusi yang telah pergi sehari sebelum menyambut Syawal. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang-orang beriman.

Friday, 12 July 2013

The Royal Apology by SMK Hosba

Assalam guys...
I'm back!! I've been gone for a month already. I got a lot of great stuff to tell ya.
On the 26th and 27th of June 2013,
SMK Hosba Drama Team performed their drama entitled, The Royal Apology at UUM's Arts and Culture Centre Hall.

Our Official Drama's something that all the other schools didn't have!

We had a great time on the 26th,  we got ourselves ready for the rehearsal ,met our old friends, test the sound system on stage and learning to use the lightings there! We never thought of using any lightings, but since all the other schools did, we don't mind trying out! It was easy to handle the lightings, as the prop girls told me. The sound system was really good..we can hear everything clearly..we can even hear when someone's whispering on stage! And that would be easier for us as we don't have to shout out loud like on our school stage. After the rehearsal, Teacher Noorita, Teacher Chu, Teacher Azira and Sir Khairi brought the drama gang to C-Mart for an outing. It was fun, we ate yogurt and gone for some shopping. It was really enjoyable when you have your friends with you. Then, we got back to school for some more drama practice.

On the 27th, The Competition Began!
We went to school early in the morning in our costumes, it was a little embarrassing since people were looking at us. But who cares, we're famous celebrities anyway! HAHAHA. We wore our make up, accessories, we brought all the props and make sure nothing gets left behind. We went on a mini bus, some other friends went on our teachers' cars. As we got to UUM, people were dressed in their costumes..
I met my friends, Acha and Sykin, and Najwa..and also Nureen. 
Before the drama began, we added some mustache on King Sanusi's face..he looked like a lost Mexican guy and I can't stop laughing at, he wore Sir Shahrir's afro hair and that almost killed me as I laughed non-stop. Even the other students from other schools laughed, and they made friends with us. The monsters' make up were pretty scary. I drew on Sarah's face..she looked like a horrific puppet-monster-thing.


It started off with a performance by SMSAH( Jenan) with their drama "Freedom is Slavery". It was an awesome drama, it's about a little brat called Seri Buana who doesn't appreciate about the Malaysian culture. And then he gets affected by a bunch of demons..and later the demons fought some angels and it all ended when his dad's ghost hugged him. Interesting.
 Later it was Cantikrella,by Pulau Nyior.. then SBPI's drama, Sintok's drama and so on. There were 7 schools taking part in the competition. Their dramas were awesome..I really enjoyed SBPI's drama as they made a lot of dance moves and some humour. SMK Hosba was the 2nd last to perform.

When it's our turn, we manage to handle things well. But I panicked when my shoes' heels were torn off on the last minute. It was something I couldn't was funny. It's a good thing I brought an extra pair! Scene 1, Bihah walked out..did her thing and went backstage. Me and the King walked out felt a little different..the scenery was pretty romantic as the lightings were a little orangey and warm. I was in character, it felt like I was the real Queen and I can really feel my character! We did the first scene perfectly!
    It gets better after each scene...things got funnier and everyone was laughing at our was COMEDY GOLD I tell ya!!  We got a lot of attention from the audience and they're really enjoying our play. They really love the Strepsils Scene and the epic ending. It went really smooth. But to be honest, all of our scenes were hilarious. We really won their hearts.
  After our play, we were quite exhausted. Sir Shahrir and all our teachers said we were great and hilarious and the judges were smiling and laughing all the time. Then,we took pictures with different poses, but they're not uploaded on Facebook by Sir Shahrir yet. And not forgetting to mention that Sir Shahrir and Auni recorded our play! They're gonna put it on Youtube so that the world could see it.. I really can't wait to see our video.

*Stolen from Adlina, haha..:D

Later, it was time for the prize giving ceremony.
Best actor goes to Seri Buana from team Number 1
Best actress goes to JLo team Number 7
Best costume design goes to..Team Number 6 !!!(SMK Hosba)
Gawd I was soo happy...all the hard work I did have really paid off. The Best costume design?? Who teachers were extremely proud of us all! I walked on stage looking really excited, people laughed at me. I don't care what they think of me..I still have my cape and crown on and I look pretty wicked!
Then it's time to announce the winners for The District Level of Kubang Pasu Drama Competition.

3rd place, SBPI Kubang Pasu
2nd place , SMS Sains Kubang Pasu
and the champion goes to..
SM Sultan Abdul Halim! (Jenan)

Yeah CONGRATS EVERYONE! Congrats guys deserved it. Love your drama, you guys inspired me. guys were terrific!

*Stolen from Teacher Noorita, haha. 

We were not sad even though we didn't win, we were totally HAPPY because we really won! We won their hearts..we won the best costume design and...we won 4th place! Imagine that...3 boarding schools were in the lead and we were just behind them!! It's a victory. According to the judges, we made the best performance when compared to other normal daily schools. Not just that, even the boarding school students were amazed by our hilarious performance. We were really satisfied, so satisfied.
Unlike last sound systems, no awesome costumes, no lightings, no humour..we were nailed really bad.
This year's drama was wayyyyy better! We're on top of the world. And we can't wait for next year's drama.
We can't wait for next year...and we're making things bigger and better!!
So that's all I guess. See ya in the next post.


Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Busiest Week Ever!

 Assalam last we met!! I'm sorry for leaving this blog not updated for a while.
Oh yeah, I'm now busy with co-curricular activities in school. Especially English Drama. It looks like they postponed the event again..this time SMK Bandar Baru Sintok is organising the event and the best part is that we're performing in UUM!!!
So..come and watch the competition on the 27th June 2013 at Dewan Seni dan Budaya, UUM.

We've been preparing much for this!! We'll perform next week and we're getting the goosebumps. Yeah next week is going to be a busy..busy... week. Our full drama practice will start on Sunday, then Monday for the whole day!!( morning till evening), Then we'll have to go to UUM to check on the place on Wednesday and finally we're performing on Thursday!! OOOHH...SUCH A BUSY WEEK!
 And another thing, my counsellor told me that a PRS camp will be held in Yan, Kedah which is on the same date of our drama competition.
 And maybe on the 28th of June..the next day I'll be going to Langkawi for the States Level competition of Gerkorama, Public Speaking!!!! Actually, I'm not participating, just accompanying my partner, Sanusi since he won for the District Level.
Danggiittt..too much activities! I think I better skip the PRS camp if necessary.

But through all those problems and busyness I got some good news when I came home yesterday.
I logged into my FB account and I found something that almost gave me a heart attack on my notifications list.
I'm so happy..this is something really awesome! Thank you guys for supporting me, if it wasn't for you I couldn't have gotten this far. Well, I better keep on drawing so that I can send my comics for their next competition .'s something for you guys..they're the comics I drew for the competition.
Title: ( I forgot) who cares.. I just put Whateva title here.. It's about a homework disaster.

Hehehe..that's the end, just 6 pages..hope you enjoy. Mine's not as good as the others..:D
Okay, Sekian Terima Kasih...

Monday, 27 May 2013

Public Speaking again

 Fellow readers..
Once again I participated in a Public Speaking Competition!! Yayy...organised by the PPD, for Gerkorama Asrama. It's the 2nd time this year I'm taking part in a Public Speaking competition. This time is better than the last time..I mean, it's the best! Last year my partner was Jazreen, but this year it's Sanusi Sali!'s good to work with him as he loves the stage. We received the topic at the 11th hour, and we're just scared that we'll never memorise our speech in time. But thankfully, we worked together and we share our ideas and managed to memorise our sentences slowly. I even woke up in the middle of the night to memorise the speech and I'm glad I did!
The bad thing about this competition is that I didn't get to go home on the weekend, all of my friends did including my sister Nini. And it's exam week..I have to memorise the speech and on the same time memorise some other things for my MID-TERM EXAM, and it's harder than before cuz I have to answer 3 papers for Chemistry and Physics, 2 papers for History, 2 papers for Maths (Mod, Add), and I think I'm gonna fail in certain subjects, gaahh..
 Back to the topic, when the day arrived..we were quite nervous, the competition took place in SMK Megat Dewa. We saw some other competitors who looked really smart and geeky and we really think our chances of winning are hard to achieve. Once again we read our scripts and laughed a bit so that we can just calm ourselves. Actually..we laughed a lot. We were too relaxed! And we took pictures and the two of us were the loudest in the dining hall, hahaha..we really drew people's attention.

 We waited..and waited and waited..the clock struck 10 in the morning but the judges weren't there yet. A few minutes later..the emcee announced that the competition was CANCELLED because the judges couldn't come. Aww snap! No competition?? Yeah..we're a little relieved and quite disappointed. Everyone went home with their teachers..except for us. Ustazah was at home and enjoying herself, probably eating nuts in front of her flat screen 3D TV while her kids are in we stayed there for a few hours. We made friends and introduced ourselves on stage and they love us! They're the most friendliest hostel residents we've ever met! It's like we belonged there, we have fans now..haha. I gave them drawing requests, Sanusi got a lot of attention from the's like he had powers to attract them! LOL.

When Ustazah came, we waved them goodbye and went to Aneka, Jitra. Sanusi wants to go shopping, so I just have to stick with him. We went shopping IN STYLE! We wore blazers..and we looked like lawyers going shopping and eating keropok leko!

Yeah, we were really having a good time. But what about our Public Speaking? Hmmm...maybe we have more time to memorise and improve I just stick to my studies and memorise a bit just in case.

Days later..
On a relaxing Tuesday afternoon, I was lining up in the dining hall for lunch when suddenly my junior came and said, " Kak Nina, tau tak satgi ada Public Speaking kol 2:30? Siap cepat, Kak Yati nk semua siap kol 2". GAAWDD! The hell that she just said?? Public Speaking at 2:30?!  I hurried up and got myself dressed  and we're off to the venue at SMK Pulau Nyior. The competition wasn't was postponed! It's a good thing I can still memorise my speech. And why did PPD made it in the 11th hour!? There's not much time for other people to get ready.
Me and Sanusi were the first to reach there. And we chat a little with the judges..and one of them knew me! Ahh I'm so happy even though I didn't know her. LOL. We stepped on a gymnastic mat..IT WAS HUGE!! and bouncy..and soft! We wanna jump there . Sanusi said he's going to jump on it when he wins, yeah I agreed..Imma jump on it too! We went outside to practice under a really huge tree. We did memorise!! Yayy..feelin' good and awesome. Suddenly our friend told us to come was my TURN..They announced my name already! I can't believe come? no Introduction speeches or  anything? They just called me on stage? Quickly, I ran to the hall..and I was exhausted when I got on stage. I stuttered a bit at first coz I was a little shocked..but later..I managed to give my speech smoothly and it was great. I survived the 1st round! Then it was the Changlun boy's turn..he stuttered a lot..I can't really hear him and he speaks with his Malay accent. Then it was Sanusi's turn...boy he was the greatest!! The girls went crazy over him as he made jokes. He always get the attention from ladies.

Yep..he's probably the best participant for the boy's category. He has the style, the body movements, the accent, the brains and the talent! We hoped to win.. I can see that everyone was holding a script except for me..I can really memorise, and Sanusi was the best there is. Both of us were hoping to win as the chances were so bright!
It's round 2..The impromptu round. We still managed to fight our way through! People liked me and Sanusi. They clapped for us loudly when we got off stage.
We were hoping to win this for sure!! I am sure I can win this..I have the experience!
Then we're listening to the results...
"For the girls category..
4th place, SMK Tunku Bendahara,
3rd place, SMK Changlun..
2nd Place, SMK......"
I was shaking Sanusi's chair..
"2nd Place, SMK Hosba
Champion of the Girls Category goes to..
SMK Jitra"

I got on stage to get my prize when they announced. I was was the first time to win and it's the fifth time I'm participating in this competition.'s not that bad..I won too but didn't get the chance to go to Langkawi, well..better luck next time.

Luckily..Sanusi got 1st place!!! Yeah..all of us were happy that we finally had a true winner that really nailed all the students there. He was the ONLY guy that can really speak with style..and get all the ladies' attention. LOL! Yeah..and he's going to Langkawi for the states level
He was too happy that he forgot to jump on the gymnastic mat! Anyway..I wanna go with him. I taught him some tactics about public speaking and I wanna go and see him perform in Langkawi..I just hope Cikgu Fesol lets me.
And the other night, we had a celebration. The teachers gave us hampers as a sign of gratitude. No matter what we get..the teachers will always love us..they were proud that the two of us won.

ps: Sanusi is currently 14 years old, he looks a little old for his age. LOL!!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

In Luck??

.Assalam peeps...Hi guys..sorry for leaving for so long. I'm just busy with school during the whole two weeks. 
Wanna know what happened to me last week? It was INCREDIBL'E!!! Let's make it this time Manglish..haha
On Sunday, 
Nina kena photocopy soalan add maths tahun-tahun lepas, Cikgu Ku suruh. Setiap Ahad lepas perhimpunan kelas add maths lah 1st period! Aiih....meremang taw bulu roma dengaq nama cikgu tu, semua tugasan yg diberi kena siap on time, kalau tidak kena denda duduk kt luar atas lantai sambil buat homework.
  Nina lari pi koperasi nak photostat, dawww...dang it koperasi tutup! Just a few minutes before the assembly starts. Nina pi kt bilik guru hoping for help, when I reached there, thank god!! I saw Cikgu Faizah photocopying some papers..I asked for her help and she's willing to photocopy for me!! YAY!! Sambil dok photocopy, nampak Cikgu Ku baru masuk. mula spine-chilling..dia tengok Nina dok susun homework tuh. Tapi nasib baik dia tak tegur. Cikgu Faizah bisik, " Dia nampak dah!". Nina senyummmm.
Dah habis photostat, Nina cakap thank you kt cikgu..tetiba Cikgu Sam dengar suara Nina..dia tegur Nina. Yang lawaknya dia tegur, " Tunku!! hahaha" pastu Cikgu Ku yang perasan, dia toleh, hahha. Nina cepat2 keluar dari bilik guru, pastu siap for assembly.

Dalam perhimpunan..satu miracle terjadi  kt Nina!! Cikgu Shah announce nama students yang dapat cabutan bertuah..and I'm one of the lucky students!!! Yeaahh..dapat top-up duit belanja RM5, hahaha. Feeling like a new person!

Then on the other days, Nina boleh belajar dlm kelas dengan elok. Langsung tak sedih sepanjang minggu tu. Selalunya mesti ada masa yang Nina rasa agak neglected dengan kawan2, but on that week it was really different and I like that feeling, I was happy all week long. 
Petang2 Nina pergi lepak ngan band Sir Shahrir, nk practice Public Speaking on the 16th of April. Sir Shahrir really gave me the spirit to jump higher than before in this competition. The day before the competition, I really practiced hard. In front of Sir, and he only watched me for about 15 minutes..yeah..just 15 minutes! Last minute jugak Nina practice gaya spontan, nasib baik boleh tangkap cepat. So, the next day's gonna be the day where people are gonna see me perform at my best.

Wednesday (Public Speaking Competition)
The day finally arrived!! I walked to the staffroom to see my beloved Teacher Noorita and hoped for her to wish me good luck. She hugged me and told me to inform her about everything through Sir Shahrir. She really wants to see me perform. So I hugged her and walked out. 
I saw Sir Shahrir's car zooming to his lair..LOL. So I ran to him and we all got inside the car, Me, Auni and Sir. Auni's the photographer that Sir hired. And she made an awesome magic trick in the car that really blew our heads off! 
We reached there, and I registered. Sebelum masuk dewan kena tengok nasib dulu..haha. kena cabut kertas tengok dapat turn ke-berapa nak perform for the first round. Fuuuhhh....dapat 7th turn! I hope that's a lucky number. Then, we sat for breakfast.. Nina tak breakfast pon pasal takmau makan nasi pagi2..takot terlena pulak. So, I annoyed my friend and my teacher by talking about spilling their drinks..It's about spilling..spilling, spilling..duhh..even Nina pon rasa annoyed dengan diri sendiri, still I had fun. And I made this awesome trick by making my glasses foggy by blowing the hot drink. Lame..and then it really happened!! Sir Shahrir spilled the hot tea in the huge container on Auni's hand!!!'s a good thing the container's almost empty.
Okay..another last minute practice. I saw the public speaking champion, Muthu sitting behind me. I don't wanna give up, I kept reading my notes and memorizing every single word even though I already memorized the whole thing. It's starting.. Sir Shahrir texted Teacher Noorita. My caterpillars are turning into butterflies again, one by one the participants are called to present on stage.. and then it's my turn..
Nina naik pentas sambil berdoa..mintak2 dapat markah banyak, confident dan tak tersekat2 or worse. Nina mulakan bicara dengan Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen..haha. then, the whole speech.. Sir Shahrir ambil gambar, Auni rakam video skali! Everyone enjoyed and laughed when I did the 'fart part'.

 Especially Sir..he taught that part. Yeah..Sir Shahrir texted Teacher Noorita , " Nina was great, she nailed them!". Teacher was happy and texted back..and I texted her too. I had fun and all the contestants are called to the quarantine room. So, it's time for round two! 
  In the computer lab, the quarantine room. I made friends, Afrina and Erina. From SMK Paya Kamunting and SMKBBD. We had a long chat, we were the noisiest in there. Talking about Public Speaking, Drama, Monkeys, everything! About ourselves..what we like, what we about making speeches. Yeah..good times. Then it's my turn to go and prepare for my speech, the very first thing that popped in mind when I saw the topic was, Teacher Noorita and Sir Shahrir. The topic was about schools, How to make Your School More Interesting. I remembered what they said about me not to spoil the Impromtu round!

 Impromtu was the 2nd round, and my life depends on it. So it's better not to spoil it like the last time when I somehow talked about myself giving away Ferraries and saving grandmas..on the topic The Greatest Gift You Can Ever Give. So I gotta think a little more logical for this round.
Alrighty then, it's time for my speech..I got on stage and I talked..I gave my points about making the school more interesting like cleanliness, colours, awesome students, prefects, cleaning ladies, interesting programmes, and the most important thing ever..the food. A SPAGETTI BUFFAY!!  Everyone laughed..I like drawing attentions,'s easy for people to know us better. And I didn't spoil this round! 
So..the winner has been selected. I bet it's Muthu again coz he's really awesome, he really deserved it. But surprisingly...he got 2nd instead of 1st. I was surprised..HOW COME?! He deserves 1st!! Gawdd..those buyers. Sir Shahrir pulled a face and said that the Jenan boy shouldn't get 3rd place coz his speech was terrible.'s Sir's opinion kay. And the girl who got first place used bombastic words for her speech, but not as fluent as Muthu's speech. Muthu was waayyy better.. and Sir Shahrir said I was wayyyyy better than the Jenan boy. Yeah, I know that I'm getting closer to what I'm hoping to get. At least a third place for only once in a lifetime. Well better luck next time. Teacher Noorita also texted us during our way to lunch. Boy, I ate so much coz I was soo hungry! Yeah, then we went shopping and then we're off to school again. I had so much fun. Good timess! I'm never forgetting this moment.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

A week of holidays

Assalamualaikum and howdy to everyone...

haha, so this time Imma write somethin' awesome. During this week, I really enjoy myself.  I've been doing lots of stuff..yeah,there's gotta be something I need to do on every single day.
here's my list of what I did..
Friday- go to Aunty Faz's house 
Saturday- go to a wedding ceremony
Sunday- watch Oz the Great and Powerful at Jitra Cinema
Monday- do chores at home
Tuesday- go to the hair salon
Wednesday- go to Penang 
Thursday- go out with my teacher!
Friday- Mom's KFC reunion

Fun?? IT'S SUPERB!!  everything's just perfect..I enjoy most of the parts. Especially when I get the chance to go out shopping for drama props with my teacher! And for the first time I had Tutti Fruitti , thanks teacher!
I'm working on a drama to represent the school for a drama competition this May. I really hope we'll improve a lot than last year.
I've been making drama props day and night..and here are some of them. Every time I made these at night, I'll end up sleeping at 2am.
The red sword is called D'Nasty Sword cuz it's pretty nasty looking and it's the Evil Queen's sword.
The brown one there is called Hoot's sword, it's for a character called the Wise Hoot which is like robin hood but better.
The blue one is Rose's Sword, Princess Rose's sword.

There are a lot of main characters in this drama and this time we'll try to make things better and awesome.
I wrote the script, directed and starred in it..:D That's a lot of work..actually I don't really wanna act in this drama because I think by just writing the script and directing the drama is a lot of work. But the rules stated the limit is only 15 students per school. Well we can't add more actors since  the students took the teacher told me to play the Evil Queen because I laughed a lot ,so I agreed.

The story is about a Queen's mistake that  lead her to trouble and was banished by the King. Banished?? just because of breaking his favourite Correlle plate!! LOL.. and then the Queen was sent to the Land of Monsters which she later become the Evil Queen and was up for revenge! She set a war between the Kingdom of Hootland which is the King's kingdom and her Land of Monsters. She fought 4 brave princesses and with the help of the WiseHoot ,the Queen lost the battle and the King's kingdom was saved! Yay...the idea somehow came to me and I was a little excited about it, I wrote the idea and my friends and teachers loved it! Now my idea is turning into a drama!! Who wouldn't be proud?? It's like Shakesphere's literature..he wrote his poems and stories, then he turned them into a play.
Here are some sketches I've made..

The Evil Queen


Wise Hoot

Setting the stage for the competition!

 The 4 princesses?? Well I don't know how to sketch their clothes since the teachers are trying to find the right cloth and style.

Besides drama, I've been practicing for public speaking. It's happening again..the caterpillars in my stomach are turning into butterflies again!!! Danng, plus another competition is approaching me..I've been chosen for debates competition too. GAAAHH..debates..I'm quite terrified of that since I have no experience.
Kay, whatever I'm facing..wish me luck guys! Luv you all.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Infamous famousa..NINA DAY

Yaw guys....Nina here, just got back from hostel last Thursday and during the week everything was EPIC!!

Man I had fun! actually minggu ni bebudak hostel tak yah balik..tapi dah terpaksa jugak balik pasal ada pertandingan bola ape ntah, student luar nak guna asrama jadi tempat menginap lak. Well..luckily Daddy's coming home this week and we'll be a big happy family once again :3

Thursday haritu memang odd, satu sekolah cari Nina..pasaipa depa cari?? It all started the day before....
(Flashback starting, LOL)
Nina ngan AG pi sekolah nak prep, tapi macam tak prep ja pasai dah free dah habih exam! haha..Kita pi nak bayaq yuran hostel bulan 2 kat warden dekat Bilik Pembantu Makmal. Duk tengah bayaq kat warden..tiba2 Kak Linda mai..Kak Linda ni penyelia asrama..yeahh dia ada bawak satu bakul ni..dalam tu ada macam-macam!! Memang, perrggghh...macam2 ada! Dia buat accessories macam sarung henpon, kerongsang, cekak rambut ..semua lawa2, plus tak sangka Kak Linda terer jahit.
  Kak Linda pon bagi la amanah kat kami  berdua suruh promote barang2 tu kat hostel..dia ada pesan suruh bagi kat warden..tapi entahlah besok or malam tu dia tak cakap pon. So, kita pon balik hostel pi promote barang2, sambutan best...tapi malangnya takdak sorang pon nk tempah barang2 sebab harganya agak mahaii! hahaha..So Tirah pon simpan la bakul tu dalam loker dia, memang kita dah plan nak hantar esok lepas waktu sekolah kat warden.

(The next day)

Macam biasa..belajar kat sekolah..tapi yang tak bestnya kena jalan satu sekolah nak cari monitor kelas nk dapatkan attendance..Adduihh..dah la Nina ni bukan monitor or monitor assistance..senang2 ja cikgu kelas suruh pi cari sebab nak attendance, padahal Nina kena pi jumpa Teacher Noorita sebab ada something yg kena bincang pasal perjumpaan drama lepas sekolah, silap Nina lah pi masuk kot pintu depan bilik guru..:P

Dok tengah meeting Drama depan dewan sekolah, tiba2 Kak Linda mai panggil...pasai bakul tu.
Dia tanya Nina lah mana bakul tu..Nina pon panggil Athirah lah sebab bakul tu dalam loker dia. Then Kak Linda pon dapatlah balik bakul dia...happily ever after dahh.haha

Nina balik hostel nk lunch..pastu makcik dewan makan panggil Nina..dia kata kak Linda dok cari Nina. Nina kata la yg dah jumpa Kak Linda okay la..Nina pon makan lunch. Dok tengah makan tiba2 junior mai tanya..," Kak Nina, tadi kenapa kena panggil?" Nina pon terkejut la..bila masa cikgu panggil. Junior pon cakap," Laa...takkan tak dengar announcement tadi? Cikgu Shah dok cari Nina!" AAHHHH...dengar2 nama Cikgu Shah Nina pon makan laju2 lah...kaunselor sekolah sangat penting! aduihh..cammana tak dengaq announcement sekolah. satu sekolah dah tahu  yg Nina ni pelajar WANTED.

Dah sampai kat bilik kaunseling jumpa la Cikgu Shah dok bersiap nak pergi kem UUM. Nina tanya la kenapa cikgu panggil. Cikgu cakap," Ohh.. tadi Kak Linda cari Nina, cikgu pon tolong buat announcement" So...Kak Linda yang dok cari Nina???  KAK LINDA?! ahahahha...tak sangka Kak Linda duk cari Nina satu sekolah..sampai jumpa makcik2 dewan makan lagi..pergghh..memang..WOOWW. Famous la sat..haha. Pastu jalan2 jumpa warden pulak...warden pon tanya Nina kat mana bakul tu..Nina cakap yang Nina dah bagi kat Kak Linda..Huhuhuhu..memang the best day ever..or known as NINA DAY, 28th February 2013. haha..a new celebration nih!

Then hari2 sebelum ni Nina ada attend satu meeting ni, best gila..tak sangka meeting pon boleh best..slalunya boring sampai tertidur. Meeting pasai bulan PPDa , ahli2 PRS yang terlibat dibahagikan kepada beberapa kumpulan untuk jayakan bulan ni! Nina team Cikgu Shah ngan Cikgu Lan. Heheh..kita manage bahagian gimik dan pementasan.. tak sabar dah nak mulakan! It's gonna be the best year ever!!

Well..that's all I think..kay bye.

Friday, 8 February 2013

~Class Mural

Assalam everyone and Hi to everyone..:D's almost Chinese New Year and all the Chinese out there are cleaning their houses and shopping real bad...haha .Yeah..wish they had a good time soon. I'm now on holidays...not for a week, for only 5 days :(
Owh fun.....
 Guess what?? I'm a school news reporter now!!! and I'm officially a PRS!! (Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya)
Soon..I'm gonna have my own PURPLEEWWW..VEST!! Yeeehhhaa..

And as the title says....I'm working on a class mural. It was frustrating at first because my friends won't cooperate...somehow we managed to paint together in was fun..
here are the pictures:


I've been thinking of doing cartoon type graffiti art on the wall. Those are cats..they resemble my classmates' behaviour and'll soon be finished. I realized that my painting skills IMPROVED..A LOT! I used to hate painting and water colouring. Thanks to Paint Tool SAI, I required some skills. I never thought of painting by using my digital art skills..I never knew it also works traditionally! I realized the eye details I put on the characters really turned out turned out exactly like the way I coloured on SAI. I'M SO HAPPY! Yeah..DIGITAL ART ROCKS!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Assalamualaikum and hye's Nina here.. seems like this week is a really busy week..and form 4 is busy!! I mean totally busy! Mountains of homework on the table and a lot plans to be made about when to  finish them and balancing my time for Taekwon Do practice.'s difficult when you have at least 4 or 5 subjects of homework to be done and on that night you have Taekwon Do practice. Dannggg, dang...dangggg it!'s life and I can't do anything about it..haha

Okay, I don't have much time to draw since school started..I guess I just have to spend time with my, Form 4 isn't honeymoon year..:D

Guess what!! I'm gonna be a Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya in my school!!

.'s like a school prefect, only that we're not strict but we give advices to our friends..I think I wanna go ahead and try out since I can give advices to people. This year is gonna be fun I tell ya! Mesti best punyaa..uniform kitaorang mesti cute, ada vest purple kot...eeeeppp!!!! (squueeeell) My favourite colour.

And for the Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya, kita ada training! Yay..jadi pembantu kakak2 Facie yang mai SMK Hosba untuk jalankan program pemantauan solat untuk evening students. Best...Balik lewat...and it's a bad thing I didn't have breakfast, I could have fainted at school..
All the heat is killing, DAH DEMAM PANAS....huhhh....
 Well..that's not all the good news I'm sharing..
There's plenty,
My friends are moving now..
Ain, Adik, Tun...and there will be more..I'm gonna miss em so much..well, they're heading for their future..they're gonna make new friends in their new schools, studying in a different new environment, and I wished them good luck on their studies..friends forever!! Love you all...we'll meet again soon..waktu Anugerah Cemerlang nanti!
Kay..I bet that's all for now..I'll write again soon. Peace yo!

Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year entry...

 Hey guys..I know it's a little late for me to say Happy New Year. I was at school on the 1st of January.
Yeah..the 1st night at hostel was epic..well not actually, but I think it's a fun New Year night.I kept on asking the same question to my dorm mates about how did they spend their time during year 2012 in a news reporter kind of voice. They got so annoyed, so they went on to bed with a simple greet of Happy New Year. :D

And was fun, the teachers wanted me to study in 4 Science. I refused, this time my mom wants me to be an architect..gawdd architect, I always dreamed of being one when I was in primary school. That's when I didn't know they had to use maths skills to draw :(  But somehow, I'm a little confident about getting back to the old me..and starting to accept architecture as a carrier. Well..I scored an A for maths in my PMR right? So it's not impossible to be an architect..but if I can't be an architect, I'm still a cartoonist..and I can be an animator one day..or an English and Arts teacher.

And guess what..I got a drawing tablet from my dad, he got it for me for scoring in my PMR. And I was craazyyy over it! I can now draw DIGITALLY!! You can check my artworks by clicking on this link---> here are some artworks that I did.

Falling down..


Ferb in My style


and...I got my braces off!!! YEAH! bye-bye braces...hello NEW ME!!

I recommend you guys to wear braces if you have dental's COOL!!!! Okay..that's about it, bye for now! :D

Wanna Playy......

Cool Purple Outer Glow Pointer