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Friday, 24 June 2011

a really awesome time ..

 hey's me again! Today, mom's friend, Uncle Zamri from PTS Publishings came over to my house.And guess what?? My comic pages "2nd Life " wasn't rejected!! Such great news to hear! PTS Publishings gave me a book titled " Aku,Kau dan Sekolah" it's about a school life like my comic was about.

Know the characters ,The two main characters up there was Eliyana and Hanis, the others was Ken (upper right), Mr.Chu (bottom right), Wahidah (next to Mrs Chu), Mary (next to Wahidah), Rus (next to her), and Mok (the one on the left)

Owhhh it's really cool, he said I need to keep on drawing and send new comic pages to him..through email,or maybe post. But still I gotta remember to study's important to study, I can't just stick with my carrier and forget about school!! I'm a teacher's personal assistance, so I have to balance my studies and drawings! Okay, I have to do a task for him. All I gotta do is to draw an icon for his book to be published in December, I have to draw many icons..characters with his trademarks. Plus, credits to me too...hihi!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

For You!!

   Hey people..I'm glad to be home today!! It's fun at I said in that yesterday post, I need to go to school at morning to get my certificate for entering that Public Speaking thing contest. but it turned out there's NO certificate!! My's just a waste of time of me being there waiting for my Sir..he already said it's on Sunday at morning..I did get there in the morning! but he said the school pushed it to NEXT week...hmmm, I guess I still need to wait. I don't know if there's a certificate on that other week, I don't wanna waste more time  waiting for Sir then he didn't come..then I need to wait again until the last minute! That's how hard it is to find that big guy..he's always absent or MC!  But he said he's really really sorry..okay I got a little sad and a bit troubled and little bit hot..but still I tried to stay calm and relax and try to talk to myself. Okay I forgive him! All is forgiven!! I'm really calm..he's like a dad to me and I will always forgive my parents and teachers and friends. Why wouldn't I forgive him? I'll do anything for him as long as he's happy. I'm always available to be a teacher's personal assistance,I talk to them..I help them..I laugh with them..I guard their handbags, I'll do anything as long as the teachers are happy with me being around!
   Okay, today my school held a Sports Day was hackin' awesome! I'm an official mascot for my team..TEAM MEASAT!!! I'm a mutant caterpillar..duh..I look cute and funny and I'm really cheery..people were laughing and pointing at me, I know I'm an alien..but dude, they didn't know how hard me and my teachers worked on it! It all started about 3 days ago..
It's evening at about 4pm. People were gathering around to separate the athletes from different teams, and planning the parade for the Annual Sports Day. Then, this teacher was asking for a volunteer to be the mascot for Team Measat. I was joking around with my friend on the same time..and accidentally raised up my hand and the teacher chose me to be the mascot. OMG!! I was just fooling around, but the teacher said we have no more volunteers except for me.. okay..alright..okay..alright...,I said. OK..I'm the mascot! then I asked," What's our mascot? Does it looked weird?" the teacher answered," No it's not weird, it's's a caterpillar!". "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!", I screamed and accidentally slapped my teacher's folder. I apologized and said.."Okay! Alright! I'll turn into a Caterpillar!!!!" the teacher said "Okay then", after that, she walked away..
(Next Day)
I walked to the teacher's lounge to test my costume and wow..I looked like a big caterpillar!! A mutant alien caterpillar! Cool..haha! a perfect fit for me! I could jump..I could wave..I could do anything as long as the people don't recognize me at all!! it's awesome!
 So I spent my time helping out the teachers with the caterpillar costume until school's over. It's a bit hard , gotta draw the mask, gotta stitch in some legs for the caterpillar, and gotta add a lot of glitter to the helmet and decorate everything. We had a pretty awesome time. Well I'm a teacher's personal assistance right? I gave a lot of helping hand during the whole week. So it's cool! Many teachers knew me now! haha..okay, GTG ..chow!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Day Out with meh Teacher..

 Hey all..sorry for not writing for so long,I can't go home this week but now I'm on an outing with my friends. So I asked mom to pick us up from hostel.And then, we stayed at my house for a few hours and then we went out shopping, buying our needs from the super market behind my house..they seemed really happy to just walk to the super market than just take a bus from the's was an awesome outing!
   Speaking of outing, last and my Sir went out for that public speaking competition.I brought my friend Farah Wahidah along. It's a fun day..I lost in the challenge..but still there's always a first time for everything,I've gained a new experience,some exposes,and knowledge. It's really fun..Sir Farizal was absolutely awesome!! We joked a lot in his car and he took us to lunch at Jitra...and he was absolutely the most awesomest guy ever!! really love his style..his attitude..well almost everything! He's like a dad to me. okay that's enough of him, we really had an enjoyable time together. And tomorrow, I have to be in school really early in the morning to get my certificate on stage, I'll ask Sir if I could give out a short speech up there. well tootles..gotta go and have tea, (Sir forced me to drink tea in his car) LOL!!!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Work Work Work!!

Zzups people?? It's me ..sorry I haven't write for these few days. I changed the blog song again! coz it sounds a bit related to this post I've wrote. Okay, this is the last week that I'll be staying here..this Saturday I'm heading back to hostel.Gotta mizz you al.. :(..  by the way, I'm still hoping to get the chance to talk in this upcoming Public Speaking contest. I didn't know if we could ever make it because my English teacher didn't give me the title before the holidays. Gosh..I hope he could give it to me really fast coz after the holidays,there's 2 days left  before the competition begins! I wanna ask for his phone number..but maybe I don't have to because I don't want the same incident that embarrasses me to happen to me ever again!! I've wrote about it here in the other week. Well if there's two days left before the contest begins...THEN 2 DAYS IT WILL BE!! I'll go for it, I'll take the challenge, I'll do it for the school, I'll do it for my Sir!! I can prove that I could do it!! I believe in myself!!! YEAH!!! that's the spirit..LOL, but seriously, I'LL DO IT! I LOVE EVERYONE!! Love is a strong word shows how much you would sacrifice for something or someone..but I wanna do it for everyone and everything! for example at home:
  I do all the house chores for my mom..and my mom LOVES ME! (but still, she scolds me because I didn't complete some of the things she asked me to do)

Today, I gotta do the laundry,iron all the clothes, then clean up the mess and water the plants. Well I'm busy this week, gotta do my homeworks too  and gotta complete my comic pages .

Friday, 3 June 2011

It's Terrible!!

 Hey guys..I changed the song in my blog today, I really love Adam Lambert's song..well..some of it.
   Okay this morning was a disaster!! I woke up pretty late, my mom and my little sister, Niza was getting themselves ready for her ear check-up appointment at Alor Star. After I got out of the shower, I was picking my clothes from the cupboard..all of a sudden,Mom twists the doorknob of my room.I got panicked coz I was still in my birthday suit LOL...then, I ran to hide,but then I accidentally slipped on the water on the floor and a BOOM!!! I fell inside my mom got freaked out! and I closed the bathroom door quickly. It's a good thing I didn't break myself or the bathroom, but it was really painful!!! I got a few bruises on my legs and back and I've learnt my lesson not to hide anymore..but bring a towel with me.

Great Day!'s Nina! So you've seen that my blog had been re-designed and I made the background with my computer..pretty neat huh? and the shoutbox..well a little problem with that..but if you see the shoutbox blocking something you can just click on my Pyromon (that blue monster that's on the right)  so the shoutbox will fix itself on the right.
    Okay, so how's your holidays?? well mine was not really great and not really bad! Today,we spent a little family time at the supermarket in Jitra (Aneka). Mom ,my sisters and I went there to watch a movie, we got inside and line up to buy the tickets. After that,we went for a quick lunch at a nearby stall.
   Well?? have you ever wondered what kind of movie we've watched? Okay here's the picture..
It's a really great awesome movie.We've watched it in 3D!! Really funny ,thrilling, and adventurous! Gosh you gotta love pirates! I'm now in love with pirates!!! LOL
  After the movie, we stopped at this stall by the sidewalk called "Leko-Leko". Wow,the leko crackers were really crispy and they've topped them with many kinds of flavors too! It's rare and really delicious! It comes in 3 sizes S,M and L. It's affordable,really affordable..the small cup contains lots of crackers..and it's enough to make our stomach full! I ordered a medium sized one and mine was Cheese Mayo!! Mom ordered Crispy Chilly. All of us enjoyed ! Really's the picture of what I ordered..
 This is it!! Looks really good right? Okay..after this, we went for a face treatment at Jitra also.Then after the treatment,we headed back to Leko-Leko!! Mom wants does Nini! Then..we went home with full bellies..LOL!! That's all . DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT! I'M DIEING FOR UR COMMENTS!

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