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Thursday, 16 February 2012

A great start for a great new year..

YO!!! hey guys..I'm back and things are happening again! This week seems like one of my favourites coz things are starting to get better, just a few days ago Sir Shahrir chose me as one of the participants in Public Speaking..again!! I'm representing the school again..and it's gonna be better than ever coz I'm also in Choral Speaking! And choir practice's starting pretty soon after the first term of exam, and this time were smoking with a cool new song," Forget You", by Selo Green .Then, the school's Anti- Drug month will start and I'll be participating in the poster drawing contest again, and if I win this time, I'll be competing with other schools like last year!! Owh yeah..the best part of all is that maybe in the Academics Month at my school, Uncle Zamri, my Foster dad will be coming to my school to give us all his super cool lecture! = . = ' maybe...I already discussed about this with my teacher and she's really interested in calling him to the school. Wuzzah baby..this will be a great year I'll tell ya!
  Owh..about my sister Nini, she fell sick at hostel 2 days ago and needed to be quarantine at home until she gets better.It's a good thing she's enjoying life at home and I'm stuck at hostel for another day, yeah..I'm at home now, she went back a day earlier and it's good for her. The heat at my place is extremely boiling people's brains, really..not just Nini fell sick, lots of students at school were also catching the fever, it's a good thing I'm one of those who are fever-proof.
So, okay...chow, I'm goin' out..peace!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Goin' Crazy

Hello's Nina, this time I wanna talk about what's making me crazy.
First of all, I'm sad coz I only had 8 hours left to enjoy myself at home before going back to hostel and I'm going crazy bout staying home and spend time with the computer.
Second, I wanna draw more..but on the same time, Study!! Gone crazy with History at school coz I have to stay focus, the teacher's pretty strict and he knew when I'm not paying attention.
Third, I'm crazy about Greyson!! When I said that ,I mean it! GREYSON CHANCE TOTALLY ROCKS!

Notice the song in my blog? Yep..hihi!
 Actually..I'm not really crazy about writing this post, and the title isn't suitable with what I'm gonna write about.
Here's the real truth..Last week at school, my English teacher told the class about an English program. And she's wants us whom are interested to give her our names..There will be a debating competition, choral speaking, drama, and public speaking...when I heard the word "Public Speaking" I'm quite in a trauma like what happened last year. You know..the Sir Farizal was fun yet uncool and I don't wanna think or remember about him..he's a terrible teacher and yet irresponsible, he's the one causing me stress and wasting my time at school, and I don't like him at's a good and a relieved thing that he moved far far away!! okay that's enough...I'm sure this year will be a lot more interesting and the teachers were a lot more responsible for training and checking on my skills. I'm sure I will participate in the Dramas or Public Speaking with new and hardworking caring teachers.
Well I just made myself a hand drawn t-shirt last night..I used acrylic paint marker to draw then ironed the t-shirt so that the marker will dry in place and will be safe to wash soon. Here it is..
cute eh?? My  OC..I'm sure i'll draw more if I have more plain t-shirts. And that means more markers. Huhu..I'm sure I'll be doing a business with hand drawn t-shirts! Hehehhe...Gotta love it.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Some Welcoming Community..

Hey there people, I'm back ! Hostel was fun and guess how exciting the welcoming community was? It was HYESTERIA!!! I mean seriously, literally...the first night was okay, but it was starting to get scary when one of my hostel mates saw a ghost in her dorm.
If you guys wanna make laugh about it, its just fine..have it your way..but I'm serious dude, spirits...roaming around the hostel..scaring people..entering and took control of people's bodies. Gawd, it was scary on the 2nd night, it's when that incident really happened at the middle of the night! We were all fast asleep until out of nowhere my seniors banged on our door. I opened it and was shocked to hear that they told every single person to go downstairs and read Yaasin. My dorm mates rushed downstairs..even in their pajamas. And we were even more terrified when we heard one of the hysteria victims screamed loudly and almost blow the place!
I can't believe it's happening again, but it's not as bad as last year. We ran downstairs and were also surprised to see the boys standing in lines at their hostel corridor trying to see what's going on, and yes.. they heard the scream too. The scream was so loud..I can't imagine how did my seniors managed to stand and help the victims in their dorm with a super sonic ear bleeding scream. Yeah..and after a few hours of Islamic medication, the thing was gone. The spirits were just angry at the people whom are drying their clothes at the back of the's their territory and don't want us humans to take what's theirs. Okay, that's finally like the end of Hysteria for this year. Owh yeah, forgot to tell about this really embarrassing moment that actually happened a few days ago at hostel. One of my juniors was so terrified of that thing, until she begged on her mom's knees in front of our warden and she cried out loudly to go back home and wouldn't wanna stay for another night at hostel. Hahaha...hilarious..yet her parents were so mad at her. She's such a baby for an eight grade.
Okay that's about it, see ya soon..

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