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Friday, 8 February 2013

~Class Mural

Assalam everyone and Hi to everyone..:D's almost Chinese New Year and all the Chinese out there are cleaning their houses and shopping real bad...haha .Yeah..wish they had a good time soon. I'm now on holidays...not for a week, for only 5 days :(
Owh fun.....
 Guess what?? I'm a school news reporter now!!! and I'm officially a PRS!! (Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya)
Soon..I'm gonna have my own PURPLEEWWW..VEST!! Yeeehhhaa..

And as the title says....I'm working on a class mural. It was frustrating at first because my friends won't cooperate...somehow we managed to paint together in was fun..
here are the pictures:


I've been thinking of doing cartoon type graffiti art on the wall. Those are cats..they resemble my classmates' behaviour and'll soon be finished. I realized that my painting skills IMPROVED..A LOT! I used to hate painting and water colouring. Thanks to Paint Tool SAI, I required some skills. I never thought of painting by using my digital art skills..I never knew it also works traditionally! I realized the eye details I put on the characters really turned out turned out exactly like the way I coloured on SAI. I'M SO HAPPY! Yeah..DIGITAL ART ROCKS!

Wanna Playy......

Cool Purple Outer Glow Pointer