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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I got it..I got it..I got it...

PMR results..yeah that's the one

 Not bad..I'm happy and my ma's extremely happy! :D

Yeah...I did it! I scored 7A's and a B. 
Well, what can I say..I'm grateful! Not bad for a girl who studies in SMK Hosba which is surrounded by woods and wild creatures. :D
Seven, a lucky number..Eight, Ong..A Chinese word for lucky too..So, it doesn't matter how much you get for your exam. God is with us and we are always lucky to have him. Our results showed exactly how much we worked and studied. Gotta love it when the results came out nice. I  gotta admit, I was over confident  when I worked on that Pendidikan Islam paper, I never thought I was unable to get an A for that paper..well, the examiner was probably mind-flipped with my answers..haha.
Congratz to all 2012 PMR all showed great effort. 

Sunday, 2 December 2012

K-Pop fenomena

   Hey there bloggers..I wanna write about something here. Since year 2010, K-Pop has spreaded across the world. And one of the most popular songs today is "Gangnam Style", by PSY. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of K-Pop. I've heard their songs..I've watched their video clips. What I like about their music videos are the graphics and backgrounds, they really did a pretty good job on them.
  It's sad that people are trying to copy them. They dressed like those singers and styled their hair terribly..That's quite annoying. I found a few video clips on Youtube about M-Pop and I-Pop. Malay-Pop and Indo-Pop. Uhh..what irritates me is that they are copying Korean stars..why can't they just find their own identity?? I know they are trying to be great singers..but they have to put their efforts to their career if they want to be famous and known worldwide. Here are 2 videos: What do you guys think??

I prefer J-POP or American music..or maybe Islamic Music. What the heck..I listen to everything.. :D
Kay bye-bye!

Wanna Playy......

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