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Monday, 12 March 2012

A story about my future..LOL

Hostel was fun, last week I had only one happy day, just one and it's the most happiest day of my life in hostel since I stayed there for almost 3's the story..

I woke up one day and found myself in a super big king sized bed..a giant king sized a super fancy bedroom. With a push of a button, the toilet bowl came down from the ceiling and poof..the bedroom's a bathroom!
Wow, after my shower I went down the stairs..I was too tired to walk down the stairs so I pushed a button on the wall and there's an elevator! I pushed the button to the ground floor as my room was on the 5th floor of my mansion.
When I reached the bottom floor, I sit down on a super cute comfy chair, and with a push of a button, the chair turned into a go-kart! So, I went zooming around the house and made breakfast at my super large fancy swimming pool with dolphins. Actually, I made the gardener make a deluxe breakfast for 5 people.
Suddenly, mom got I pushed a button and my private doctor came to treat my mom. Well, I'm not a mean person..I gave a go-kart to the doctor, so he zoomed to give mom some medicine. After a few seconds after mom had taken the medicine, she jumped up and felt better than ever.
Suddenly my friend told me to stop dreaming and get real, yep..I was day dreaming! Probably the best I've ever dreamt of. I wish this can be true when I turn rich and famous some day. OOhhh...I'm trying to make this dream of mine come true, so I don't wanna stop drawing! International Artist, my dream,my target, my future!!!

Cool story right??? Imagine if it's real...owh god, It's too good to be true!
Hey there's more stuff I wanna tell you people. You see a few days back at hostel, we were all prepared for a Gekorama Competition. It's a competition against all hostel students in the district of Kubang Pasu. It was fun, I was chosen for the Public Speaking and then I was sent to SMK Megat Dewa to challenge the contestants from other schools. I lost, but everything was pure fun..the contestants were super fun to talk with ,they were supportive and I got an another experience. This time my performance was better than last year's, I'm not nervous on stage and my speech went well, almost..I hate the microphone, I wasted my time on stage because the microphone was a few millimetres away from me and the judges can't really understand or hear my speech! But the first line went great and the judges smiled and gave me a thumbs up. Yeah round 2 was way funnier..they gave us a topic about " If you had been given a wish, what would you wish for?" I gave my speech and told them I wanted a million bucks, dollars, ringgits..anything as long as it's money! LOL...some of them laughed and I wished to be famous and also wish to be fever-proof, coz I got the fever and I kept coughing and sneezing at times. Luckilly, I didn't sneeze or cough on stage. Yeah, the winner gets to challenge other winners from Kedah at Langkawi Island. They are so..lucky, the things why they are lucky are because Langkawi Island's an international port where a lot of tourists stopped and shop ,plus..that's where all the good chocolates are sold!'s good that they will enjoy, and if they win first place again, they will represent Kedah and continue their competition at Sabah! Woooahh..that's a good place to be, far away and yet cold. They can climb Mount Kinabalu and play with the snow there, wow...that's awesome. Okay, I bet that's all.

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