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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It all happens yesterday..

 dear blog...
 yesterday was Deepavali, so Happy Deepavali to all..
 yesterday, we went to grandma's house to see our newborn cousin..
 yesterday, we went to Sungai Petani for mom's reunion..
wahahahah, Camera girl on the's some pictures that I've taken during the visit to my grandma's house, and Mom's reunion..

  Yep, I guess that's all..wanna see more? just go and see them on my Facebook account!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hackin' Happiest week ever!!

  Hey's Nina again!! I don't know what's so..happy and what's but I was TOTALLY HAPPY at hostel last week! Okay, there's lots of things I wanna talk about school which makes me smile all day, so this is going to be a long post. Okay, here's my story
This happened a few days ago, my class were busy discussing about our annual class feast. But our neighbour, the class next door were celebrating a birthday party. Owh gosh, we hated them so much because they don't have much discipline and always make lots of problems at school. They were screaming and yelling and running and..throwing flour everywhere!! I had no idea what's the flour's for,but they are throwing at each other and it's a bad thing! That's the stuff we use to make food..they think they're so rich that they even want to play with food, but actually it's a sin! a sin!!!But luckily, my ustazah went to their class and asks them to stop it. They won't listen to her and continue playing..she then called the disciplinary teacher and the teacher stormed in their class immediately. HAHAHAHAH!!!! Finally a birthday party disaster! We can hear big yells from her and she shouted at them and she was really really angry! My class clapped our hands slowly with little cheers...hehe. Take that, party pants!! wahahahah!! Then, all of them were punished to clean their whole class and carry their tables out. The teacher told them to mop the place . Owh god that was fun!! BUSTED!!
                             Guess of honour!
After the awesome tragedy, me and my senior, Kak Siti went to the counselor's room to see the counselor, Cikgu Normah. I remembered that she told me to see her when I have time, when I reached there, she kindly greeted me inside and told me to make myself at home. I can see that she's throwing a nice feast at her office and she called all the teachers to join. So I'm lucky that I'm invited because she's close to me,so does Kak Siti. Owh god, the noodles were super good, the soup, the pudding, the cake for Cikgu Seri's birthday were totally smashing! The best part of all, it's free and I don't have to spend my money at the canteen..haha! I was totally full after the meal, I helped her cleaned the place and she told me that I'll be participating for another drawing competition at somewhere around Jitra this Saturday, 29.10.2011. Well, hope this time I'll win again!
                        Happiest outing ever!!
  During the boring days at hostel, I went out for an outing with mom and my sisters on Friday. Owh god, we had a really awesome time around Alor Star. First, she took us for lunch at Kenny Rodgers. I had chocolate fudge cake coz I wasn't that hungry. Then, she took us to TESCO Alor Star for some quick shopping. I got myself 2 Komik-M. OWH GOD! I can't believe The comic I was looking for all these months was there, finally..Misi Menyelamatkan Puan Ainon was there!!!! YAHOOOO!!
The story was EPIC!!! I love it!!! Thanks PTS, for publishing such a great book.Hope your company will be successful one day! Then after getting the comic, we went downstairs and all of a sudden, mom made a big surprise and bought me a camera!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! a camera? that is so..totally cool, she told me to study hard and don't misuse the camera.AWWH...thanks mom, I love you!!! Then, she got us some donuts at Big Apple. Awhh..I could choose my favourite flavour and bring it to hostel and eat it all by myself. haha, sorry guys, it's not enough. Okay, that's my story for a really awesome outing. When I got back to hostel, that night, I got to draw a 4 metre banner for the boys. It's for camping, they need it for their camping program at Cameron Highlands, Pahang for 3 days and 2 nights. Hope they will enjoy. When the banner's finished, they gave me a reward, a big bar of chocolate! I got more than 3 chocolates from my friends because I drew flags for them, still there's more coming. now I've had enough chocolates..I wanna stop having too much chocolates because they made me go hyper.
               Embarrassing Yet Memorable Moment!
This story just happened yesterday, during an assembly at the hall. I was chosen to be one of the girls who had to bring flowers along guiding the honourable teachers behind. As the ceremony was about to start, I got ready and follow my friends inside, while walking, my bunga manggar got stuck somewhere and it broke and the flower head dropped! OWH GOD!!! The flower girls were already inside, but I'm left behind fixing that flower head. The teachers and students laughed at me..I fixed it and I quickly run inside the's odd to see a flower girl running during a ceremony, so everybody laughed at me...hahaha I smiled all the way without feeling any shame. I may spoil the ceremony, but's memorable, I've created a history! HAHAHAHHAHA...popularity strikes again..I bet they're not angry, coz they all looked cheerful and entertained by my special show..hahahahahha....funny yet embarrassing . I wish someone can get that on camera. Okay that's all..

Friday, 14 October 2011

A wonderful time!!

 Hello there people! Sorry for not writing, I was doing some editing to my blog. So how was it?  hehe..I know, I gotta add more stuff to make it interesting..and I need to promote it to get more followers! Okay, you see two weeks ago, I've wrote about my teacher, the Sir..he asked me to draw 2 more pictures of him, I did as he said and he promised he'll give me a candy bar. I'm still waiting for that candy bar, I've gave those pictures to him about days ago, but still didn't get that candy bar!! I want chocolates!! I must have chocolates coz I'm a chocolate lover! Who would wanna hate chocolates? owh god, and believe me..I ate a big bar of chocolate in a night, my friends gave it to me as a gift for drawing for their class T-shirt. I love chocolates!! I drew a picture of me eating a chocolate bar a few days ago, there it is on my header!
  Owh, and the best part of all is that every night, I don't have to worry about getting bothered by ghosts anymore! Those stinkin',damn,anoyying ghosts were always knocking my window trying to scare me at  every 2:30 am. They even ate something and I could hear them chewing, it sounded like cracking bones and chips..and it scares me..the worst part of all is that one time I tried to ignore it, it burped at me. And that made me jump off my bed and hurt my leg..I hate them!!I can't even sleep tight, that explains why I slept in class lots of times and started making the teachers hate me. But now, things are getting better..I could handle them if they wanted to scare me..thanks to them, now i've gotten bored with that stupid chewing sound and could ignore them now and get some peace! from a scaredy cat, I'm now a Ghost fighter!!!

Owh...and I don't wanna forget what I've done today, since two days ago was Niza's birthday..we decided to celebrate her birthday today, mom took us to Perlis for a special birthday lunch for was a great place! Even Malaysia's reality TV show, "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" went there to have their special dishes!!
Here it is!!! But it's no fun without Nini, she had to go to a baking class with mom's friend. Still it's good that she enjoyed there..

The restaurant was called ,"Teratai Putih" a very nice place indeed..
Here's some of the special dishes we ordered..
Here's my Lil' sister, Niza and dad..
and there's me!!!

An unforgetable place indeed!!!!
Owh..and after that, we have to pick up Nini from mom's friend's house..we were surprised to see such beautiful cuppies she've made!!!

It was pure delicious!!! Nini will turn out to be a great baker one day!! She drew all those on the cupcakes..can you believe it??!!

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