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Friday, 29 July 2011

Big Surprise for Uncle Zamri!!

  Ohaiyogozaimas, it's a beautiful day isn't it? This morning, I've been working on a few icons for Uncle seems like he liked that Super'sales'man icon I've made! Well to satisfy his thoughts about that icon, I've made a few more!! Check it out!!
Tadaa!! Supersalesman! It's inked, and a lot more handsome! Notice the differences?
Zwoooshhh!! off to work! Saving all the salesman in need!!

Going HERO!!! OMG, he's so..handsome..LOL!!

Well, now this is a tribute to Uncle Zamri..I LOVE YOU!!! HAHAHAHA..
Your welcome, uncle..I'll draw more

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Work again!!

Hey people, it's me again! Yesterday was awesome..we had a singing competition at school about Patriotism. Malaysia's independence was on 31st August, so we started a bit early because the month of Ramadhan will come about another two days..we have to fast during Ramadhan, so we might not have enough energy to do a lot of activities at school. Okay, and I'm one of the participants in that contest!! I partnered with a friend on stage and we won 2nd place, that's great news! And the greater news is...I WON 1st PLACE IN THE POSTER COMPETITION!! Yay...the poster's about Science and Life, so I drew a scientist observing with a microscope,a cute giant kitty, and DNA's for the background, I never thought I would get 1st place, I thought my friend, Sue might win 1st place coz her colouring techniques were marvellous..I can't even colour as good as her, she's a real crayon pro.I only used my old pencil colours..but it had brought me luck!
Okay this morning, I was a bit busy thinking a drawing something that was requested by my foster dad, Uncle Zamri..he wants to publish his 5th book so he wants me to draw the illustrations for him. I have to draw about 20 pics of his characters posing around doing free's some of it..
                                   Still got 5 more to's one sketch of his character,
         LOL.. Super Salesman looks cute! Okay..I have to finish the rest..see you again..TT!!

Who Am I???

 Hey there..noticing why on earth why is the post title so weird?  you guys actually knew me already..but I don't think I actually know who on earth am I? All I know about myself is my name is Tunku Yusrina, people called me Nina, and I'm just an average 14 year old who's actually good at drawing and sucks at sports and I was often left alone without a friend, and I desperately need a friend to share my thoughts and feelings, and I was treated badly by some of my friends and they left me doing things by myself without any help.. and that's why some of my home works weren't finished because they don't wanna help me!

 During these days..I'm turning a bit popular at school, so the teachers are starting to know much about me. They knew I could draw very well, and speak English fluently  (but not really). But something's wrong, besides the advantages..there's always a disadvantage. The teachers and students at school thinks I'm a brilliant student, an intelligent student with high IQ, a genius, a braniac..and I DON'T even think that's true.What's messing their heads??What did they think I am?? I'm just a cartoonist, I'm not even smart! I failed in Maths TWICE!! But still, the teachers said I'm a brilliant student, what's so brilliant about me?? I'm just a multi-talented student, I'm not a genius ,or a braniac, or an intelligent student or whatever they're saying about me..I'm just a student with a natural talent, and all my grades were just average, not so high or intelligent. If I'm intelligent, I wouldn't study here in SMK Hosba! I could have been studying in some intelligent school with really brilliant students in it. Why did they think a unique student like me could be a brilliant student?? But..if that is what they all think about me, could that be true?? Am I really a brilliant student?
Here's a tip about being smart..If you wish to be, follow this tip!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Granny owh Granny!!

 Dear blog..wondering how on earth did I manage to write down this post on a school day?? Gosh..I just got back to hostel yesterday and this morning..I was surprised by an announcement. The guard called my name and I was thrilled to see mom's car at the hostel gate. I saw my sisters inside the car, while my mom was waiting outside. I asked mom why did she come in the morning? Maybe she wants to send me something that I forgot to bring back to hostel, but the she said, "Nina hurry get and get changed, your granny passed away" AAAHHHHHHH!!!! That's shocking! My granny??My all time favourite super grand?? Passed away??  OMG!! I can't believe my ears. So I quickly write down my name in the outing book, then I got back to my dorm to get dressed and I was in a real hurry..When I got back to mom's car, we went to my school's office to get my warden's signature. After that, we headed to my granny's house. Poor granny..she used to be really sick . She's 90 years old. I'll miss's a pic of me and my granny.. Then after the funeral, we got home and we felt tired..really I'm going to bed..hope I'll dream of her..bye.see ya
I love you !!! 

Friday, 15 July 2011

A Day Out with mom..

Hello guys..yesterday was a great day, Mom took us to  Alor Setar  to change her car's battery at Nissan guys think that was cool? Owh wait till ya see what we did after that, mom took me and my sisters to the movies in Alor Star Mall!! And we watched..teng..teng..teng... TRANSFORMERS!!!

IT WAS A REALLY AWESOME MOVIE!! I think it's the best movie so far in the year. Millions of people around the globe loved this movie and it was a hit in the cinemas around the world!!It was also considered as a blockbuster movie as it was in the first place in the chart of blockbuster movies with the highest rating!! Congratz, Transformers! After the movie, we thought that our car might turn into a robot too..LOL ! Happy days..

Thursday, 14 July 2011

a Normal Day..

 Ola amigo! Nina's back..and again I'll write down what I've did at school. Fruit season had arrive, most of my friends brought durians..rambutans..and lots of local fruits to hostel. Even the teachers at school brought fruits in their staffroom. Every time when I stepped inside the staffroom, the strong smell of durians punctured my nose!! some people think durians were smelly and they were fruits from hell, but I think it was delicious!! The creamy sweet taste was the best of all!! Yesterday, I helped my teacher at the staffroom she told me to carry a few things such as her groceries downstairs. Me and my senior,Kak Siti carried my teacher's stuff, and as a reward..she gave us rambutans!! owh what a sweet teacher, I can't stop saying I LOVE YOU to her..LOL.
   But what surprises me more is that our maths teacher HAD RETURNED!!! I didn't bring any math books at all! only an unfinished math module..and I forgot to bring my geometrical stationery too! And can you believe that my friend that's sitting next to me walked away and left me alone doing nothing because she thinks I'm lazy to bring my math books and stationery. Okay that's enough, people often think bad things about me and I hate that!! After maths we went to recess.
  After recess, me and my choir group walked to the MPV workshop to practice our new song..Nobody(English version) and We Will Rock You!Our teacher,Sir Shahrir taught a lot of stuff about singing and controlling our voices and tempo and all..he's a great music teacher! Maybe next week we'll practice again..but if Sir Shahrir can't come..maybe Mrs.Chu and Kak Siti could help with the choir practice.
 Today..I drew something by using DeviantArt muro. Here's the character from my comic "2nd Life", Eliyana..leave me a comment! :D

Friday, 8 July 2011


Day:   Thursday
Time: Around 9pm
     (The phone rang)
I walked to the phone and picked it up.
Nina:  Hello??
Person:  Hello..Assalamualaikum..
Nina: Waalaikumussalam.. hello, daddy! sounded like an old man..haha
Person:  (Laughs) Who is this??
Nina:  It's Nina.
Person: Owh hi..Nina!! This is Uncle had dinner already?(Laughs)
Nina: OOOOWHHHSSS!! (Blushed, Freaked out) Yep..already had dinner..
Uncle Zamri: Did you have any homeworks??
Nina: Owh..I left my homework at hostel..hihi still I don't have much homework, I was drawing the comic pages the whole week.
Uncle Zamri: (Laughs) Never forget to do your homeworks how's your comic? and my icon that I told you to was it??
Nina: The comic's done..I've done a few changes with episode 1, I changed the story and I added 6 new pages to episode 1. Your icon was also finished, I drew a couple of them,and they looked a bit like you, handsome..hehe.
Uncle Zamri: (Laughs) Okay, that's great..I'm now at Sintok, I'll be staying there for a few days and maybe tomorrow I might come and see your works.
Nina: Yay! Okay..see you tomorrow then.
Uncle Zamri: Okay don't forget to do your homeworks..(Laughs)
Nina: Yeah..I won't forget about them.
   Okay,that's my phone conversation with Uncle  Zamri last night, embarrassing right? I thought he was my dad. LOL..Uncle Zamri laughed a lot , me too..hohohoho
   So today, me and my sisters woke up early.really early, coz mom had some business to settle in Alor Star. We stopped at  Mc.Donald's to have breakfast and all of a sister screamed," Kak Nina!! Look! Look!!" I looked to my right and saw Uncle Zamri waving outside!!! LOL..I burst out laughing!! Then he went inside..and we talked with him about the comic and stuff..

    Awesome...we had a really awesome time..after an hour or more,he left the building with a smile!! So do we..we went to Pacific Hypermarket to play the roller skates..when we get there, the place wasn't open yet,so mom took us to Popular Bookstore!! We read a lot of books, Especially me! I read PTS's books..their comic book artists were awesome..their story ,their artworks, wow! I'll one day be like them I bought 2 Komik-Ms (comic books).At about 1pm,we went to check out the roller skate place, and it was open!! and my sisters skated for about an hour and a half..while mom uses the computer at the cybercafe nearby. After that we bought some ice cream at McD. It's a new flavour, LIME! really sister even want more after she tried once, before that she said she hates lime..but after mom showed the way she eats and how creamy the ice cream melts in her mouth, my sister turned mouth-watering.Okay, that's about it then..bubbye..

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Freakin' Awesome Surprise!!!

Hey people..finaallly i could get some peace from school, from angry teachers, from the angry spoiled brats that ruined people's lives etc..owh gawd, school had been really great since these two weeks.We've done lots of stuff. During last Saturday, the school held a "1 Murid 1 Sukan" marathon. Hostel kids have to run at this awesome peaceful place called Darulaman Lake,while others have to run around the school buildings about 3 times.
In the morning,we have to get up really about 4:30 am. Then, all of us showered up and get ourselves dressed in our tracksuits. We had breakfast at 6 am, and after that people gathered at the main location at hostel to count all the dorm mates at 6:30am. Then, we headed to the bus stop to wait for the bus...there's two buses waiting when we get there, but one bus is for the girls and the other one is for the boys. Okay, the girls' bus can't fit all the some of them have to wait for the 2nd trip. I waited for the 2nd trip and finally the bus arrived at 7:30 am, I got on board with my friends and we set the wheels and blast off to Darulaman Lake!!
Everyone reached the place by 8:15am, and the run is going to start.We got off the bus and get our numbers ,then we ran. The place was crowded with students from different schools!! Chinese schools..Indian schools..Elite Sports Schools!! wow..there could be thousands of people running in the marathon. Okay..after a  round of running around the lake..each school got to their gathering place,and everyone was provided with food and drinks! I was feeling really lonely then I thought to myself.."Hmmm..I wonder if I could find a few old friends here?" All of a sudden..someone that looked really familiar came running to me..could it be??? OMG!!!OMG!!! I ran to her and I hugged her!! It's Farhah! yayayayayyayay!!!!! I screamed and lots of people looked at the two of us. I'm soooo happy!! I never thought I would meet her there, but what can I say? It's all according to plan....
The two of us kept talking about the differences of our schools and talking about old time memories during primary it feels like old times when I used to hang out with her. We bought Ice cream, Potato chips,100 Plus, and fish food..we're not eating the fish food, it's for the fish in the lake..okay and then we walk around the place talking about bla..bla..bla...We exchange coins..we line up for free noodles at the noodle stand for about half an hour!! It's so..long! And the weather was freakishly hot! My face burnt. Then we sat under a tree talking again..bla..bla..bla...suddenly this insane yet crazy bee kept on flying and buzzing around me and Farhah..then we moved about a few distances closer to my school's gathering spot..and yet, that crazy bee followed us! We ran to someplace further to rest our feet...then ,half an hour later we came back to sit under the tree. And guess what??? That bee is still there!! It's driving me and Farhah nuts!! How come only the two of us were the ones that the bee disturbed??? I'm not even doing anything to the tree!! Even Farhah..we were just talking under the tree..sitting on the grass. Why didn't the bee flew around the other students??why us?! Owh god..we walked again in the drying hot sun.
We saw many beautiful things..beautiful people with beautiful voices singing on stage with awesome school bands. school never had a band before..those school bands were really great, they're like actual performers. To me..they are PRO. It's actually a really happy moment for me and Farhah.  We hope we could meet again. The end..
Owh..and this other story was actually kinda sad to's sad to me.
Okay, my English teacher ..that Sir..he was absent all week long..why?? maybe it's because of the disease that he had..I understand his situation,but during last week..he was absent the whole week and that pops up a question mark inside my head. This week, he did came! so I was happy..He did came on Sunday..Monday..Tuesday..and so on..but that's also unusual ,because sometimes he takes a break for about 2 or three days..I know he's not feeling well, but he seemed quite okay this week. Then one night, Farah Nab talked to me and said something about Sir moving to the evening session next year. I was shocked..could that be true?? He teaches the morning session, but maybe it's because of his disease that he wants to move to the evening session. The next day, I saw him..he saw me..I waved to him and he responded.okay that's fine..then I went to the toilet to accompany my friend,the toilet's upstairs..when we got there the door's locked. We went downstairs and I saw Sir again, he walked to me and said.." year I will be teaching the evening session" I was quite surprised and I said,"Really???Why??!" he said," I need to have time to manage myself because of my disease" I said," Ummm...but I'll miss YOU!!!!!" he said," It's okay, you will have better English teachers soon"..hmmm...okay then, I have to accept that. Plus it's fine if it's for his own good. Okay, still I could see him all the time..okay..maybe that's it..tootles

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