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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Assalamualaikum and hye's Nina here.. seems like this week is a really busy week..and form 4 is busy!! I mean totally busy! Mountains of homework on the table and a lot plans to be made about when to  finish them and balancing my time for Taekwon Do practice.'s difficult when you have at least 4 or 5 subjects of homework to be done and on that night you have Taekwon Do practice. Dannggg, dang...dangggg it!'s life and I can't do anything about it..haha

Okay, I don't have much time to draw since school started..I guess I just have to spend time with my, Form 4 isn't honeymoon year..:D

Guess what!! I'm gonna be a Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya in my school!!

.'s like a school prefect, only that we're not strict but we give advices to our friends..I think I wanna go ahead and try out since I can give advices to people. This year is gonna be fun I tell ya! Mesti best punyaa..uniform kitaorang mesti cute, ada vest purple kot...eeeeppp!!!! (squueeeell) My favourite colour.

And for the Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya, kita ada training! Yay..jadi pembantu kakak2 Facie yang mai SMK Hosba untuk jalankan program pemantauan solat untuk evening students. Best...Balik lewat...and it's a bad thing I didn't have breakfast, I could have fainted at school..
All the heat is killing, DAH DEMAM PANAS....huhhh....
 Well..that's not all the good news I'm sharing..
There's plenty,
My friends are moving now..
Ain, Adik, Tun...and there will be more..I'm gonna miss em so much..well, they're heading for their future..they're gonna make new friends in their new schools, studying in a different new environment, and I wished them good luck on their studies..friends forever!! Love you all...we'll meet again soon..waktu Anugerah Cemerlang nanti!
Kay..I bet that's all for now..I'll write again soon. Peace yo!

Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year entry...

 Hey guys..I know it's a little late for me to say Happy New Year. I was at school on the 1st of January.
Yeah..the 1st night at hostel was epic..well not actually, but I think it's a fun New Year night.I kept on asking the same question to my dorm mates about how did they spend their time during year 2012 in a news reporter kind of voice. They got so annoyed, so they went on to bed with a simple greet of Happy New Year. :D

And was fun, the teachers wanted me to study in 4 Science. I refused, this time my mom wants me to be an architect..gawdd architect, I always dreamed of being one when I was in primary school. That's when I didn't know they had to use maths skills to draw :(  But somehow, I'm a little confident about getting back to the old me..and starting to accept architecture as a carrier. Well..I scored an A for maths in my PMR right? So it's not impossible to be an architect..but if I can't be an architect, I'm still a cartoonist..and I can be an animator one day..or an English and Arts teacher.

And guess what..I got a drawing tablet from my dad, he got it for me for scoring in my PMR. And I was craazyyy over it! I can now draw DIGITALLY!! You can check my artworks by clicking on this link---> here are some artworks that I did.

Falling down..


Ferb in My style


and...I got my braces off!!! YEAH! bye-bye braces...hello NEW ME!!

I recommend you guys to wear braces if you have dental's COOL!!!! Okay..that's about it, bye for now! :D

Wanna Playy......

Cool Purple Outer Glow Pointer