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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Goodbye Ramadhan, HELLO...SYAWAL!! Finally Aidilfitri's here again.Firstly, I wanna wish you all a Happy Raya Aidilfitri, and I'm sorry for doing anything wrong to you friends,relatives,teachers and foster relatives too.(hehe) It feels like we just fasted for a few days, it's so quick..I can't believe time really flies and today is Aidilfitri..Okay, today..we didn't plan much where to go.But, this morning mom prepared her special beef rendang, and we ate them with ketupats.

Her cooking was really delicious,unlike me who didn't even know how to twist the stove on. After that, the whole family gathered at the living room area and we took pictures during Raya.

Then, all of us went inside the car and blasted off to Alor Star. When we reached there, we went to the graveyard to visit our late relatives. Next, to my grandma's house, when we reached there, everyone wasn't mom called them (our relatives) and they told her they were at the Sultan's Palace. We could have joined them if we could get ourselves ready earlier at first, but we're too late..the palace was about to close. After that, we met our relatives at the gas station. We planned a convoy with them, then everyone set off to visit our other relatives at somewhere around Pendang.

I think..I don't know, the area there was covered by trees and stuff, and most houses were kampung houses. We reached there and had lunch too. Me ,my sisters and cousins were enjoying playing Playstation 2 at the place .We played wrestling games, Naruto:Ultimate Ninja 2, and Football. After that, another photography session with the relatives. Then, everyone got themselves ready to go home.

Mom told dad to stop by at her cousin's house, she wants to give something to her other cousin who lived in Sweden which is her cousin's brother. Mom got inside and the rest of us waited in the car, I fell asleep and by the time I got was taking my picture when I was sleeping. I asked dad, has mom been there for too long?? Dad said, know how much ladies talk. Suddenly, a car honked behind we have to move our car before the driver got angry and smash our window. Dad drove us to our grandma's house and we stopped there to pray and eat and stuff. Then, mom called and asked us where have we been. Dad told her we have to move the car first..then mom told her to come and pick her up. After that, we all got ready and drove off to that house again and pick mom. Lastly..home at last! Tomorrow there's another great day waiting for us..there's an open house at my grandma's and we're going there..we don't wanna miss all the good food and we don't wanna forget how much Raya money we could ever get from our relatives and friends there.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

A free day!!

 Hello blog, I'm writing again..hehe, well yesterday was terrible. Before we berbuka Puasa, mom told us to look after the kitchen and wash the dishes and take care of the Kueh Cara on the stove. Some of the kueh cara was made by me..hehe, just learned..I'm bad at cooking, I didn't even know how to turn on the stove, my sister Nini did most of the cooking. I didn't even know how to do kitchen work, my mom got really angry at me and my sisters yesterday because it's almost time to eat..she shouted in the house and I was like..owh gosh, mom's gonna blow!!

     Okay.. today, dad was at home,he got home from KL last night.And we were like yeay!! Today, I stayed at home watching TV and helping my family cleaning the house..the day turned out better when I received a phone call from Uncle Azlan, my uncle from Sweden.He was in a great mood and we laughed and tell funny crazy stories on the line. But that's not about 3pm, a postman came to our house with a big parcel. We were excited and we screamed in front of the postman. We got a parcel from Mr.Super Salesman!! yayayayay!! Uncle Zamri sent us a Raya card and inside it there were Raya money!!! What a bright day today is..even when the sky is dark and rainy. Tonight..Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension starts at 7:45pm!! Owh gosh..I don't wanna miss it, but it looks like we'll miss it coz we have to go and have dinner at EDC,UUM today..owh...EDC was a great place too, but still I'm not upset about missing that Phineas and Ferb movie,we could still watch it tomorrow as the movie repeats again. okay that's about it..

Friday, 26 August 2011

Draw what else??

 Yo people, it's Nina again..of course it's me! Hey, I'm definitely empty headed right now,I don't have much to talk about but just write down what I wanna write..
Today, I just finished drawing a picture of PTS's comic artists, Afiq Salam and Nazry Salam.. well, just don't have much in mind of what to draw, and while thinking I was reading their comic ,MISI 10A, and the story was really great and it gives me the inspiration that I should draw the artists of that comic. So here it is!!
     Owh, and then..I need to draw more, I remember that I have work to do..I have to draw for my auntie as she was counting on me to draw illustrations for her book that she's going to publish for her patients and the doctors.
  I was working on my comic pages for episode 4 as episode 3 had been finished last week, and now it only needs to be send to my foster dad to be edited and send to the publishing company. you 2nd Life comic. Episode 4 needs to be inked, and this time the story's about Eliyana and the gang trying to help a poor fat senior losing some weight, because she was extremely heavy for a student. So, Eliyana helped her by taking the senior and her two friends to a health camp, where people could exercise and lose weight for a whole week..but, the trainer there was extremely strict and he was like a mad tiger!! Everyone felt like they were participating for a Biggest Loser camp ,the food there was totally bad..they have to eat veggie sandwich everyday, day and night! One day, the trainer held a forest trail run..each group must challenge to be the first to make it to the finishing line in time before 6pm. So, Eliyana and the gang must take the challenge and do it for their senior to lose weight! On their way, the boys' team changed the arrow of the path to make the girls' team take the wrong path and lose. So, that's how the girls have to figure a way out of the forest as they have lost the path and lost in the forest! So, what's gonna happen next??This story tells about a moral value of true friendship, helping others, and never give up!! They'll succeed in the last that's how most story ended.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Choir, Choir,Choir!!

 Hellow..I MISS YOU GUYS!  OWH GOD!! I can't believe Ramadhan is going to end very soon..about 5 days left, then it's Syawal..and that means it's Aidilfitri!! YAY!! Raya Raya Raya! Owh wait..before Syawal, on 27th of August, guess what guys?? Phineas and Ferb the Movie is coming out!!! OMG OMG OMG!!
 I know I'm too old for this, but it's quite fun to watch!! it's perfect for teens and the elderly than just mom loves Phineas and Ferb too. Okay, almost forgot about the main story for this post, I got too excited with PnF.
At school, my senior and the choir group were practicing for our next choir performance after the Raya holidays. We'll be singing, Nobody (english version) and We Will Rock You. Both of them were chosen by our choir teacher, Sir Shahrir. But you know what?? Me and my senior were working really hard to teach everyone the ways to dance and sing for the performance, we've spent 2 weeks already on choir practice, but then..the form 1 students from class 1 Ilmu said they wanted to quit the choir group because they want to concentrate on their studies..well many of them also quit because they don't like the songs..HEY!! It's not us who gets to choose the song, it's our teacher's choice! and the choir group doesn't even influence our studies at all!! Okay..if that's what they want, JUST GO AND QUIT! It's just a waste of time teaching you guys about singing and dancing for two weeks! two weeks..can you imagine how hard it is to teach you guys in a day? but then after two weeks you're just gonna quit?? Owh god, Sir Shahrir looked teary eyed when Kak Siti, our senior told him about the choir group. Poor Sir, poor me and my other form too friends, poor Kak's just a waste of energy and time teaching them during Ramadhan, you know..tiredness, hungriness..thirstiness!! owh god..
They're off the group! all of them..except for me and my other friends, the whole 1 Ilmu class was out! We then searched for new ones..better ones..who really wanted to sing and dance and make a performance on stage! Then, class 1 KRK volunteered, about 5 of them I think, but it's enough..the whole group was 11 people, and they're just enough..and can you imagine that god actually helped us on that day?? on that very day..all of the new ones actually passed everything, the singing, the dancing..their parts in the song, they didn't even complain about the songs..and they're PERFECT!!! owh can we ever be more grateful! Then, the new choir group was born!! what we have to do is just do a little more practice before the performance starts after the holidays..aah...peace! okay maybe that's about it..bye guys!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Happy Happy!!

 Hello there people!! It's Nina!!'s my 14th birthday, so I WANT PRESENTS!!!! hehehehaaa..owh come on, I can't force you guys to buy me or make me one, birthday wish is just enough to give me a big wide smile :D haha, this morning, I just got a gift from my besty ,here it is!!

Happy Birthday Zumaki97 by ~KazukiX5 on deviantART
  hihi it's PYROMON!!! sweety pie..I LOVE YOU! Thanks Aliyah,for this cute cuddly Pie-in-a-box. Owh and I wouldn't wanna forget all your wishes..thankies everyone!! they really made my day! :D     ahah..and another story, my hostel story..
okay, at school, everything was fine..just got the test papers from school and guess what?? I PASS IN MATHS!! WOOHOOO..a "D" for Maths!! more E!! great right? okay, I know some of you thought this was a bad result, I knew it was bad ,but it's not a Fail result,I did pass ! And when I passed, I don't need to worry about getting awful results in this test.I knew I'm confident enough to pass..okay, that's the past,now we need to move on to the next story .
 Next, it was about my class T-shirt, I'm the designer..I made the design, here it is..

   after three weeks of working on it with my's the results..

 simple, yet awesome right?? I heard that my classmates said the other classes were jealous of our T-shirt because of the design..hehe, lucky for my class that they had me!! okay, I guess that's about all..I'll write again soon people..bye

Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Life is a MESS!!!

    Hellow..somehow I feel great, and terrific! a few days ago at hostel was TERRIBLE!! But it was a big challenge for me, firstly, I have to face the third series test..second, COCKROACHES IN THE BATHROOM!!! It was a scary slash shocking experience, a really thrilling yet spine chilling story that I'm about to write..okay
 One beautiful night of Ramadhan, Nina..a cute ,sweet yet adorable girl was walking to her dorm after the night prep. She had lots of books to read for tomorrow's exam,she looked tired and so exhausted after a night with books. So ,when she reached her dorm..she got dressed for bed and then to the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she went inside the bathroom, she was shocked to see about 5 or 6 cockroaches crawling around the sink area and even on the walls, their size were enormous!!! So, I had to do something, I splashed the cockroaches with water..some of them ran away and one of them fell into a container filled with water that hadn't been washed for months..good! The cockroach died and I cheered quietly by myself, all of a dorm mate entered the bathroom and shouted, "Kak Nina, there's a cockroach climbing on your back!!!" Then I thought she was just kidding around because she knew I was terrified of cockroaches,then I said," How big is it?" she replied and continue screaming, " BIG!! IT'S BIG!! Now it's crawling to your hair!!" and with a push of bad luck, I screamed loudly..I screamed and scratch and swing my head around like a maniac, and people thought I've caught the hysteria! But, it doesn't make sense, there's no hysteria during Ramadhan..because all the demons and evil spirits have gone for a vacation during that time. okay..I continued swinging and scratching and swinging and scratching..and I quickly ran into my dorm, people were terrified of me and asked what's wrong with me. I answered," Cockroaches climbing on me! It's on my head! " My dorm mate said it's gone..there's nothing there!" Then I shut up my mouth and asked my other dorm mate, the one who said that she saw the cockroach on my head, she said it was true..there was a cockroach crawling on my head..maybe it flew away. I believed her, the whole hostel was cockroach infested and I can see that clearly,but I've never had this kind of experience..I will never forget this experience!
 This other story was about my exam at school, the other day we had Maths..I've taught myself Maths at hostel because most of my friends were busy with their own maths problems. I tried to remember the formats and calculations and then I did some exercises..I was beginning to like maths.  And I somehow knew how to teach my junior maths, wow..I was surprised too. Okay, school started and it began with Science paper, science was okay for me..just fine.. then the moment that I'm waiting for arrived! Get ready for maths, coz the paper's just on my desk, I checked all my things that is needed for the maths paper.Everything was enough and all checked! Then, it all began..the questions were really tough, not like the ones I've's like doing an actual PMR paper. There's a section A and a section B in the paper, plus..I have to do all those in just an hour!! Owh god..I'm NOT FAILING AGAIN!! I CAN DO IT!! I started answering, I just round off the answers that I didn't know. When it came to paper's hard..hard..hard..good thing I know about geometrical constructions, I did all the questions about geometrical constructions..then times up..I don't have enough time to do the rest..I left out 5 questions because if there's a paper 2, we need at least an hour and a half or two hours to figure out and do all the answers for the questions. Well. hope this time I didn't fail, I don't wanna see myself being nagged by my teacher or mom for failing for the 3rd time..wish me luck people!!! Hope I didn't fail!!!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

no change..

Ello, good to see you again..I'm a bit bored today, and I don't know what to write, it's just a plain ordinary day where I get scolded by my mom if I forgot to do house chores or something. That's my life at home.haha, but home is a sweet safe place where you could stay away from danger,compared to hostel..hostel is a nice place too, hang out with friends, share their meals, do chores together and helping others. But in hostel, we have to follow the rules, there are do's and don'ts and the time is limited. Home is a better place, we can do anything we want and anytime we want! Plus, there's no cockroaches that could scare me at home...there's tons of them at hostel and I was always the victim, just yesterday a roach crawled inside my bath robe and I was wearing it ! Then I took it off and phewwww..the size of that roach was bigger than my mouth! haha..funny moments :D!! okay chow, that's about it then..

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