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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hostel experience

 Assalamualaikum, Hey people, how's things going lately??firstly I wanna apologize for not replying on my chatbox or whatever. I was away for about a month, my mom had an intercourse in KL, so me and my sisters have to stay at our grandma's. It's quite bored, there's no computers there and there's only a PS2 which I have to struggle to avoid my little cousins from whining whenever I played it. Yeah, mom got us all souvenirs and they're cute little notebooks that looked like slippers, gotta love it.
   Hostel was fun throughout the days, we had sports..really fun sports..we played a lot and grouped with boys, so that's a lot more exciting than usual coz we can try to work together as a team. Our team won 4th place, it's long as we don't get last place it's okay! I sure can't forget the time I have to eat a bowl of instant noodles for only 2 minutes..and guess what? I'm one of the fastest and got 4th place! Yeah, you see that happy picture up there? Yep, that's our to the woods, not a modern place, it's half modern and half country. Maybe next 2 weeks we will have a nice dinner party at hostel, can't wait for that moment coz my camera's coming with me!!
 School's been fun too, I'm gonna join another Public Speaking contest in SMK Tunku Bendahara, hope I don't see that horrible ex-Sir around that place, if do...well, wish me luck so that i don't have to! And soon, I'm gonna be a rockstar ! We're starting to practice singing new songs with a good help from a great music teacher, Sir Shah-R!! Yeah..another stage performance, yet a better stage performance, a battle of the bands!outside, not in the school!!! Yeah...wish me the best. Kay that's all..

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