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Friday, 12 July 2013

The Royal Apology by SMK Hosba

Assalam guys...
I'm back!! I've been gone for a month already. I got a lot of great stuff to tell ya.
On the 26th and 27th of June 2013,
SMK Hosba Drama Team performed their drama entitled, The Royal Apology at UUM's Arts and Culture Centre Hall.

Our Official Drama's something that all the other schools didn't have!

We had a great time on the 26th,  we got ourselves ready for the rehearsal ,met our old friends, test the sound system on stage and learning to use the lightings there! We never thought of using any lightings, but since all the other schools did, we don't mind trying out! It was easy to handle the lightings, as the prop girls told me. The sound system was really good..we can hear everything clearly..we can even hear when someone's whispering on stage! And that would be easier for us as we don't have to shout out loud like on our school stage. After the rehearsal, Teacher Noorita, Teacher Chu, Teacher Azira and Sir Khairi brought the drama gang to C-Mart for an outing. It was fun, we ate yogurt and gone for some shopping. It was really enjoyable when you have your friends with you. Then, we got back to school for some more drama practice.

On the 27th, The Competition Began!
We went to school early in the morning in our costumes, it was a little embarrassing since people were looking at us. But who cares, we're famous celebrities anyway! HAHAHA. We wore our make up, accessories, we brought all the props and make sure nothing gets left behind. We went on a mini bus, some other friends went on our teachers' cars. As we got to UUM, people were dressed in their costumes..
I met my friends, Acha and Sykin, and Najwa..and also Nureen. 
Before the drama began, we added some mustache on King Sanusi's face..he looked like a lost Mexican guy and I can't stop laughing at, he wore Sir Shahrir's afro hair and that almost killed me as I laughed non-stop. Even the other students from other schools laughed, and they made friends with us. The monsters' make up were pretty scary. I drew on Sarah's face..she looked like a horrific puppet-monster-thing.


It started off with a performance by SMSAH( Jenan) with their drama "Freedom is Slavery". It was an awesome drama, it's about a little brat called Seri Buana who doesn't appreciate about the Malaysian culture. And then he gets affected by a bunch of demons..and later the demons fought some angels and it all ended when his dad's ghost hugged him. Interesting.
 Later it was Cantikrella,by Pulau Nyior.. then SBPI's drama, Sintok's drama and so on. There were 7 schools taking part in the competition. Their dramas were awesome..I really enjoyed SBPI's drama as they made a lot of dance moves and some humour. SMK Hosba was the 2nd last to perform.

When it's our turn, we manage to handle things well. But I panicked when my shoes' heels were torn off on the last minute. It was something I couldn't was funny. It's a good thing I brought an extra pair! Scene 1, Bihah walked out..did her thing and went backstage. Me and the King walked out felt a little different..the scenery was pretty romantic as the lightings were a little orangey and warm. I was in character, it felt like I was the real Queen and I can really feel my character! We did the first scene perfectly!
    It gets better after each scene...things got funnier and everyone was laughing at our was COMEDY GOLD I tell ya!!  We got a lot of attention from the audience and they're really enjoying our play. They really love the Strepsils Scene and the epic ending. It went really smooth. But to be honest, all of our scenes were hilarious. We really won their hearts.
  After our play, we were quite exhausted. Sir Shahrir and all our teachers said we were great and hilarious and the judges were smiling and laughing all the time. Then,we took pictures with different poses, but they're not uploaded on Facebook by Sir Shahrir yet. And not forgetting to mention that Sir Shahrir and Auni recorded our play! They're gonna put it on Youtube so that the world could see it.. I really can't wait to see our video.

*Stolen from Adlina, haha..:D

Later, it was time for the prize giving ceremony.
Best actor goes to Seri Buana from team Number 1
Best actress goes to JLo team Number 7
Best costume design goes to..Team Number 6 !!!(SMK Hosba)
Gawd I was soo happy...all the hard work I did have really paid off. The Best costume design?? Who teachers were extremely proud of us all! I walked on stage looking really excited, people laughed at me. I don't care what they think of me..I still have my cape and crown on and I look pretty wicked!
Then it's time to announce the winners for The District Level of Kubang Pasu Drama Competition.

3rd place, SBPI Kubang Pasu
2nd place , SMS Sains Kubang Pasu
and the champion goes to..
SM Sultan Abdul Halim! (Jenan)

Yeah CONGRATS EVERYONE! Congrats guys deserved it. Love your drama, you guys inspired me. guys were terrific!

*Stolen from Teacher Noorita, haha. 

We were not sad even though we didn't win, we were totally HAPPY because we really won! We won their hearts..we won the best costume design and...we won 4th place! Imagine that...3 boarding schools were in the lead and we were just behind them!! It's a victory. According to the judges, we made the best performance when compared to other normal daily schools. Not just that, even the boarding school students were amazed by our hilarious performance. We were really satisfied, so satisfied.
Unlike last sound systems, no awesome costumes, no lightings, no humour..we were nailed really bad.
This year's drama was wayyyyy better! We're on top of the world. And we can't wait for next year's drama.
We can't wait for next year...and we're making things bigger and better!!
So that's all I guess. See ya in the next post.


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