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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

It's so quick!!

Hellow guys, as the title's so quick!! Oh god, how on earth did the date changed to December 28?? It's like I just came back from hostel yesterday and now I have to prepare for a new year?? And that freaks me out, because all the form 3 students will have to face the biggest examination of their life! And that's PMR!!!!
huhah..huhah...huhah,* breathing heavilly*
Okay, some people said PMR's just a second step..I already passed my first step, and that's UPSR. UPSR was simple!! But as long as we worked hard we will achive our goal. Something tells me I really need to get going and hanging out with books next year, and that computer!!! WAAARRGGGGHHHH...But the good thing is, you'll get really good grades in examinations and you won't be hearing mother nagging about our grades! Yay!!
After my PMR, perhaps I'll be taking an even bigger step!SPM!!! It's like my life depends on it..and it 's scary because if we didn't pass this exam, we can't live..I mean, we can live but we don't know what path should we take since we failed in that exam. But as long as people study hard and achive their goals, things will be easy and you can live and find a job in the future! But I'm already an illustrator, but didn't get wants me to work because of what my heart desires. So, that's okay with me..I'm not ready to keep all the money for myself yet, if I did get paid.. mom takes the money and keep them inside my bank account. What I really want is to be famous! Once I'm a top comic artist, or an illustrator, who doesn't pay me to do work?? Hahahaha...
This is what we call ,life. We live in God's Earth, we eat God's food, so life is full of challenges that God wants to test us to see if we're patient enough. Living is like a test, so everything around you that happened was all a big test! You might feel down sometimes when you're feelings are hurt, or if you have to solve them, you have to find the best solution and then, that frown of yours will turn upside down and you're okay!!
Well, I feel like I just gave a speech ...but now I think I'm ready to take the ride of my life..fighting for PMR!!!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

5th story from my head..your ideas for the sixth!

 hellow people, why are you here and reading this?? LOL..everyone must read my blog entry, and you're reading it now!! know how much happy you just made me? I luv it when you guys read and comment on my blog entries.
  This time I'll tell you about about my new comic. You know, My 2nd Life..the 5th episode.

It's been a while since I haven't draw comics, coz I ran out of ideas..and yesterday, an idea popped out of my mind and I can now work on my comic! You guys better send me more ideas, because every time when I check my emails, I didn't receive any ideas from anyone!! I need to work on everything on my own, owh come on people!! Show some love will ya?? Let's work together, you guys will also get something for giving me ideas. Well okay, you can send me ideas by clicking on the "My 2nd Life comic" button up there. Read EVERYTHING before you send me your ideas! My contact information were right in there.
   Hey, the 5th episode was about Eliyana's friend, Kenny Wei. He's always bullied by two boys named Rus and Mok. This time, Ken must face his fears of the bullies and fight them with his own bare hands because both of them wanted to copy his answers during the end-of-year exam. So how's it gonna end?? No need to know coz all of you didn't send me ideas at all!! I would have done at least 10 episodes by now if you guys give me ideas!! 1 episode only took about 2 weeks to finish! It's quick and will also be easier if there were lots of ideas from what's it gonna be?? Wanna see me drawing a sixth episode or wait for a few months until an idea popped into my mind and you guys can't see anything that I'm working on? It's your choice now people!!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A nice day for a nice new post

Yo whazzups peeps..I mean, Hi there guys. It's been weeks since I haven't post anything, so today I'm gonna write about stuff that makes me happy about my talent and work. First of all, I'm now in a great mood..a really nice and good mood! You know, after watching this really cool video on Youtube about the life of 2 artists animating a show, I'm starting to feel myself energetic and high spirited..So, I drew this!!
To me it's really cool, I'm satisfied with my work, after 3 days of thinking and resisting myself from being distracted with the computer. I'm happy with's Phineas and Ferb. I had to tell you that I'm really a fan of this show, its really awesome and it's not lame, everything was appropriate and suitable for all ages,'s a brilliant show, it's a really big hit.
I love Phineas and Ferb, Disney Studios really did a great job on this show, it took a lot of work and they never give up, because it's their job and they love it. I knew that I had talent, so I need to keep moving forward and use this talent for my future. People said I had quite a bright future, so I have to keep believing and have confidence in myself.
I'm inspired by these two artists, Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh. Or just Dan and Swampy for short. They inspired me and I really admire them. We never meet or communicate, but I wish someday I will meet them. The picture up there was drawn by me and it's also dedicated to them. I love them so much..I'm a really big fan!! Here's the video of their life working together to create this super awesome animation, Phineas and's really entertaining. Disney forever!!!!

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