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Sunday, 29 May 2011


   Hey blog!! Good to see ya..and write on yaa!! I'm gonna talk bout something..about 3 days ago, me and the whole family went to my aunt's house in Perak. Things look diifferent, my cousin Abg.Hakim was really really big..i can't believe he grew up so fast...he grew a beard too! LOL We stayed for a night at their house. We ate a lot during our 3 days visit there, uncle married there. We need to get some things ready such as dresses, the wedding cake, the wedding accessories.. And gather up all our family members to go to my uncle's wedding ceremony. On the afternoon, all the family members have reached my aunt's house. Everyone got prepared for the bridal party, and we set off on the evening wearing purple-pinkish-white (whatever colour it is) dresses. Everyone tailed my aunt's car to the bride's house for the wedding ceremony. We reach there about 10 minutes later, and I'm the camera girl!! yay!! my uncle gave his camera to me so that I could take pictures of his wedding..okay, the food there..I'll TELL YA WHAT IT WAS!! IT'S WAS PURE DELICIOUS!! I love the taste of the soup they had there..i could tell that they've put in enough spices.And the meat that goes with the soup really melts me! The meat was absolutely soft and I've never tasted any meat that's as soft as that! Really good..then my uncle also had a plate of that soup..and wow!!!! I caught my eye on the part of the meat he's holding..he's got the biggest piece! full of soft irresistable meat!!! He ate that piece of meat..but..HE DIDN'T FINISH IT!!  I think he can't finish it coz it's really big..after he left the table, I took his plate and chew on his big meat!! it was soo....goood!!!!!

Me,my sisters My mom,my dad,my cousin my uncle and the new aunt

I told you it's really big!!

I stole it from my uncle!!!LOL
 Okay, after the wedding everyone head home..and everyone's tired! Me and my family went to our homestay and stay there for 2 days..huhu..owh!! I almost forgot, on the second day of our visit before that dad wants to go and visit Kellie's Castle! and my sisters and my cousin went to Kellie's Castle. That castle was old and abandoned and the building was incomplete,and it's a bit dangerous coz there's a lot of dark passage ways and there's a deep dark dungeon, and the rooms there freaked me out! People believed that the castle was we have to watch our mouth when walking through the mysterious corridors.My sister thinks that there's no such things as ghosts..and she didn't really watch her mouth ..until we entered an empty room known as Helen's room..(Kellie's daughter) The room was actually creepy, after we've read the information and notices on the sister had the goosebumps! She wouldn't dare to say anymore words about the ghosts because she have read something on the wall of Helen's room that says something about tourists mostly saw a little girl wearing a white dress that peeps beside her doorway. BHRHRRR..scary..then we keep walking up the stairs and we had reached the top of the was really high up!! We can see the highways ..the little cars..LOL everything! My mom was scared of  heights, so she wouldn't wanna go up there.After all of us were satisfied with our visit, we went down the stairs and cross the moat and the ice cream stand!! haha..we ate a few things there..then, we hop aboard and gone back to my aunt's house..
Kellie's Castle

                            The Mysterious Corridor
                                      The tree looks like a bear..look closely!

  Owh and during our visit, I found a new cute singer!! Cody Simpson! He's an Australian..and I bet he's good enough to go against Justin Bieber! Cody's awesome...I LOVE THIS GUY!!

Bye..that's all what I'm going to say, see ya soon..and don't forget to leave a comment..I hadn't seen a single comment on my posts these days..kay? COMMENT!!!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Friends and Humiliation

 yeah hello there..IT'S ME!!! Hehe..I love hostel so's fun and gotta watch out for your friends' attitude and behavior! I could hate that place sometimes coz some juniors didn't really respect me or show some politeness while lining up to take the plates when it's dinner time. You my school, I 'm an evening student. So, I usually come back from school to hostel at 6:30 pm. You know what? Even if I'm early while lining up for the food, those cold-hearted juniors had booked their place in the line earlier in front of me..and that's the worst part..they said their friends have booked in their place in front of me..and LOTS of them were in front of me!! Suddenly , all the plates were finished! I have no plate at all..but I'm really really surprised to see the juniors behind me holding plates in their hands!! And they've also booked plates for themselves! WHAT SELFISH JERKS THEY WERE!! and guess what? I turned out to be the last in line..and I had my dinner at 7pm. What a SAD day!
 Today, it's really a happy day! But I have problems too..I need to memorize the sentences for a public speaking competition ! But the problem is.. Sir Farizal was absent today! so he didn't have time to give me the title for my public speaking essay..i really really need it to participate after the holidays! Teacher Chu Hau Tan walked into my class this I asked her for Sir's phone number..then she asked me for a paper so she could write the phone number. After I found a piece of paper..i gave it to she wrote the number. When I came home this night, I felt really relieved because finally I have Sir's phone number. Next..I walked to the phone to call Sir to ask him about the public speaking thing..when I dialed the number..I could hear something like a person picking up the I said ,Hello! then..the person on the line said, Hello! Hello! Hello! and it sounds like a Chinese lady..then the person hung up.hmm...I wonder why Sir sounded so..lady like?? I sounds like a lady! I'm not saying Sir sounds like a lady..but it's sounds like a REAL lady! I thought to it even Sir's number?? or maybe Sir didn't want to talk with anyone..and passes the phone to a lady..because he think it was a prank call or something? hmm..weird! Then I called the number again..and guess what..that Chinese lady's voice was actually a real lady! IT'S TEACHER CHU!!! man..I 'm really really reaalllyyy surprised with that!! She gave me HER  number not Sir's number! Then both of us laughed..she said she had mistaken..coz she was actually busy with work..WHAT HUMILIATION!!! LOL!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Sad and Awesome..

 Finally..I could write during a two weeks stay at hostel. Actually I can't go home this week, but I've gone Outing! haha, last week school was cool, especially on Teacher's Day! All the teachers looked so.. terrific! they were really happy to have the chance to play games and had lots of fun acting and singing on stage..and they were hilarious too! They make everyone laughed and smiled  all day long. Hahaha!! That is gave presents for my 3 best teachers..I got one for my class teacher, Mrs Chu, and I made a gigantic card for my Sir Farizal..hehe..(sorry Sir, i don't have time to buy something 4 u) okay..that's the fun part.
   The sad part was about my cousin..God I'm reaally sad about my lil' cousin.. Al-Fatihah for my cousin Tunku Muhammad Nukman..that had passed away on Sunday. well..I'm facing the middle term examinations this I don't really have lots of time to draw new comic pages..or anything..just need to study for the rest of the week. Okay WISH ME LUCK!!! :D

Thursday, 12 May 2011

The most AWESOME week EVER!!!!!

 Hey guys..wanna know about my week at school? Man it's awesome!! I'll tell ya bout it:


When I reached hostel, I took out the spagetti that mom made. My friends went crazy over it!! wow, they finished it all on that evening, and it reminds me a lot of the movie I watched about Piranhas..LOL, they ate so fast! That night, I practiced for my choir performance and my poems reciting with my friend Farah Wahidah. hahaa..we sang under the dining table so that our seniors won't notice that both of us were singing! I chose to keep on going forward for my performance and I canceled the drawing competition that my art teacher really want me to participate. I hope she won't get really upset with my decision of not going. that night, I sleep with sweet dreams..ahhhh sweet sweet dreams!! I can't even remember what's inside my dream.


It's the big day!!!! Gotta wake up early and keep on practicing! Okay, I'm feeling a bit nervous on that day coz I'll be going up on stage. I went to school at about 11 am to meet my teacher and practice my poems with him.I brought along my friend Farah Wahidah to accompany me there. We searched all over for that guy..but he's nowhere to be found! We went upstairs to the staffroom to see if he's there, but instead..I found my Arts teacher! She looks very upset and frustrated when I smiled to her. Maybe it's because I pushed away that Drawing contest thing. huh..poor teacher, I'm feeling a LOT guilty. I apologized and she said it's just fine. Well that didn't even cure my feelings. But I know she'll understand soon when I get on stage. Me and my friend still didn't see that English teacher,so we wait at the hall instead. Well I felt soo...upset, I cried a bit coz it's hard being a multi-talented student! My friend cheered me up, then we saw my other friend, the other Farah. well to make it simple, the other Farah was called Farah N, while the one who's with me was Farah W. Okay, she's also going to talk on stage, and she panicked a lot. While the three of us talked there, we saw the English teacher coming!! fuuhh..what a relief! Finally Sir Farizal ,our English teacher showed up! He brought us to the canteen to practice. After our practice, me and my friend Farah W went to the hall again to meet the rest of the choir gang. We suit up into our choir uniforms and practice until 12:50 pm. Then it's SHOW TIME! All of us went backstage inside the hall and we wished ourselves good luck for our performance. The ceremony started and all of us got ready.When Farah N's name was informed first, she made her talk about Moles around the body. after her, it's my turn! OMG!! I'm shaking as my nervous feelings were starting to get control of me. When the curtains opened, I could see the crowed...all the teachers, my classmates, the senior students..everything! all of a sudden, I didn't feel so nervous anymore! I felt a lot happier on stage! then I began reciting my poem..I was suppose to say the introduction first, this is how it goes: "A very big thank you to the master of ceremony! Good afternoon everyone?" instead..I took a wrong turn and said my lines wrong like this," A very good morning to..." dude, that's really, really..embarrassing! then I think and said this," Owh, I'm sorry, it's afternoon already, alright, good afternoon everyone?" ahahahaa!! everyone laughed at me and think I was doing a joke up there, dude this is cool..I joked by accident and everyone started listening and paying attention to me! when I finished reciting my poem ,they all clapped and cheered for me! YAY!! after that, The choir performance began their performance, and we all sang! Until then..the ceremony ended.

   Wow, everyone was really surprised when all the English teachers said that our performance was perfect! and did you know that our choir group was the first choir group in school ??!! wow, it's hard to believe coz our school had been for over 20 years already! well lucky for us!!


No more performance for me..haha! On this day, everyone started knowing me a lot more than last year. The teachers and all the students have already know my name! Wow..I didn't even know their names.Then, Sir Farizal wants me to participate in a Public Speaking contest! And a drama performance! Wow..that's a lot of things for me to memorize, the lines for the drama..the words inside the! What can I say?? I'm a multi-talented student. And I'm also starting to have fans and admires too. first admire is my English teacher, Sir Farizal..LOL, he said that he admired me!! LOL!!LOL!!LOL!! Owh come on..teachers love their students. I love my teachers too! well that's all for today.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Last Day

Hello, once again  and for the last time of this week I'm going to you have to wait for another week to see my next posts  ..huhu. Today, me, my sisters and my mom are working hard managing the house. My mom cooked spagetti for today, her spagetti was totally should taste's way different than all the other spagetties, it's not Carbonara nor Bolognese, it's her secret recipe! We did a lot of cleaning, we weeded and watered the plants, washed the clothes, fold the clothes, ironed the clothes, packed all my clothes!! and lastly, mom's out of spagetti and she told me to buy it at the supermarket behind our she gave me an RM 50 and I brought along my sister Nini..and we bought 3 packs of spagetti for mom..then we spend the money and shop shop shop!!! Nini was driving me crazy, she's really happy with her new Naruto " Deidara " plushy that we bought there. And then we went home , I helped my mom and I went upstairs to pack all my things to go back to hostel..hostel..hostel.!! My friends there would be happy with the spagetti that I'm bringing..okay, I'm going now, leaving ..alright, just wish me good luck for my performance,and hope that I will bring more good news! Okay, I'm leaving now..bye!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

It's My Mom's Birthday!!!

My mom is now 45 years old!!! OMG! Happy Birthday mom!!! And I'm sorry for not getting you anything coz I can't buy anything that's cool at the school store. Man..the school doesn't even sell toilet papers. Alright, we don't have plans for today.. first ,mom took me to the dentist for my dentist appointment, then guess what?? My colourful braces was replaced with a white one! And it's cool!! Now I can smile with a solid white smile on my face!! LOL!
Next..were planning to get a pizza at Pizza Hut.I wonder what would mom order?well..I'll write again soon..


Hello..finally i could update another post. Actually I can't go home this week,but what can I do??I have a dentist appointment and it can't be pushed away!! SO.. I PACKED MY THINGS AND GO HOME AND SAY GOODBYE TO ALL MY FRIENDS AT HOSTEL..TATA!!  It's fun at school , I've done many rehersals for the choir performance and my poem reciting performance on stage.Everything went great, the school had done some sports activities..and I'm the worst runner ever! but I could throw really far at put shot!! And my art teacher at school wants me to take part in a drawing competition on next Sunday , at SMK Ayer Hitam. That is good, I'm a bit excited at first coz I'm the only primary-secondary student that could draw really well. Then, I realized that the choir performance will be held on that day too!!Man what conflicts I had! what should i do next? Then I went to see the art teacher again to tell her about my performance,she said the contest will be held in the morning, but my choir performance is going to be in the afternoon,and I thought I'm going to make it in time to perform..I felt so relieve at that time.
Until then, my English teacher, Sir see him and practice for my poem performance! AAWWWW MY GOSHHHH!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOWW!!! Then..I don't know what to do..I practised reaaalllllyy hard for the choir and poem performance..but i reaally love drawing! Which one should I choose????? Draw??Sing on stage??? AAWWWW!!! IT'S HARD BEING ME!!! I asked my mom, she agreed with the decision of me going with the choir performance..well I practiced really hard and i think i should go with my mom..HAHA!
  Tonite, my mom ,me and sisters are going to wait until 12 am to celebrate my mom's birthday! YAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS! she's gonna open a present from her friend that seems really awesome and valuable..i think.haha..alright, That's all for this time.

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