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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


  Assalam.. guys! I'm glad my PMR Trial's over..that means PMR is approaching soon! I have about another  2 months before PMR, we celebrate Hari Raya first..then study! :)
By the way,
Today - Raya Holidays ( 10 days) =  about a few weeks till PMR! 
So we gotta get going and study fast!! There's no way I'm losing those As.
~ forgot to tell you about my Trial results. I scored 2 As and the rest are Bs or maybe there's 1 C..altogether there are 8 subjects. The trial was damn hard, but people said PMR is way with 2As and all the others are Bs..that means I have the chance to score myself 8As!!! If I can do can do it too!! Perhaps you guys are better, so then let's turn it around..If you can do it, I can do it too!!
And another fun thing,
Uncle Lan from Sweden came back to Malaysia!!! yaaayyyy..he surprised me in front of my own doorstep yesterday!! mom should have captured my reactions when I first saw him. It was so funny! We break-fast at EDC last night. Boy, we had a great night!! :D

I found myself  twin there, Tira..aunty Faz's daughter.

We had a great time!! okay..see ya in the next post :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Assalamualaikum everybody..happy Ramadhan to all!!
  Hehe..perasan tak kita ada kurang dari sembilan hari lagi nak raya??
Wow, excited terlebih ni nak raya pasal tahun ni agak special bagi Nina. :) Plus..the good news is that my PMR Trial has passed! Yayyyy!!!! Tough jugak soalan2 yang diorang bagi, tapi Alhamdulillah semuanya Nina boleh jawab. Tak tahulah Nina jawab dengan betul ka dengan salah ka..tapi yang pasti semua Nina jawab! :D hihi.
Yang syoknya waktu menjawab kertas Agama Islam, Nina siap awal. So, lebih kurang sejam lagi sebelum masa tamat, lama tu....Nina pon takkan nak buang je masa sebanyak tu, Nina semak la kertas tu balik dalam 1 minit..
Then, baru Nina conteng2 atas kertas soalan dan kertas kajang yang lebih. Dah boring..takkan nak ternganga ja? hehe..

'Masterpiece' dalam dewan masa trial..

Hahaha...begitulah Nina conteng kalau dah boring terlebih..nasib cikgu tak tangkap :) 
So..wish me luck for the results, I want to make myself the happiest person on earth!! Tapi kan, PMR tak buat, my journey isn't over yet! I gotta work hard, work smart and believe that God is helping me to  get the best results I've never had! 
Specially for you guys..GO GO GO! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! WIN WIN WIN ! PMR..8A!!!
 Syukran :)

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