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Saturday, 26 May 2012

I made REDRAW!! today here's another post. I just tried DeviantArt Muro Redraw and it was kinda cool. So, here's a simple drawing to all.. it's a cartoon Me, and I love myself..leave a comment!! :)

Friday, 25 May 2012

Fun, enjoyment, relaxation!!

Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters..and a good day to everybody!! Hey, guess what?? I'M ON HOLIDAYS FOR 2 WEEKS!! HAHAAAAYYY! So, got any plans yet if you're also on holidays? Last week at hostel was fun..we had a dinner party which really felt like a party, there's great food, performance, karaoke!! Yeah, and it's also the date that I've finished my mid-term exams.Yay for it!! I'm so happy when my teacher old me I scored an 'A' for Science. And that's the only result I knew, currently waiting for the others too.
And the best part of school is that after PMR, my art teacher ,Cikgu Yusoff will do a mural project with me on a school building!! WOW, I was quite surprised when he said that, I thought he was going to do a school comic project with me, but then a mural?? Wow..he must have really like my artworks. After the holidays the teachers are taking me to the school's drama competition at SM Sains Kubang Pasu. I'm the background designer, so that means I have to paint the background during my holidays. It was really big!! about 6 metres, and I think I need help with, I'm not that good with paint. I'm sure it will be my record for the biggest drawing ever, but it's hard work too..and I get paid for it! haha

Anyway, two weeks ago I went to a comic workshop with my sister at Pusat Islam UUM.

It was fun though, I met this awesome cartoonist, Abang Nas who taught us all about drawing cartoons..and then everyone can draw! Gotta love that guy. He taught us about drawing characters, the basic stuff like how to draw, then the tools ,positions,emotions, and finally..comics..yeah it was really fun.

Yep, he taught each and everyone to draw cartoons and comics. And, we made friends there too! was really fun hanging out with them. I wish I could join another workshop. Finally, yesterday I decided to do some comic strips. It's about a fly that flies it is SUPERLALAT!

If you guys enjoy these strips please comment or tick at the boxes. It's been such a long time I haven't received any comments from people.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Most Explosive Situation in History

Dear people...I 'm writing again, yay...Dude, you see the title?? it's an explosive situation..I mean completely explosive! Yet..very embarrassing.
 Last Monday, I was in tuition class, History class . It was fun at first when my super awesome teacher taught us about the topics during Form 1 and 2 ,then make ridiculous jokes..seriously funny,my stomach was aching! Yeah...everything went smoothly for the hour until all of a sudden........I gotta pee. LOL!! I looked at the time and it was almost 5 o'clock in the evening. Yep, I can wait..tuition's almost over, just a few more minutes. Somehow I started scratching my pencil, then the table, and then I tapped my table lots of times,and I started glaring everywhere at everyone..and then my teacher asked me what I'm looking at, I was looking at him so that he knows it's already 5 o'clock. I said, nothing, and I smiled..showing my rows of iron teeth. He got off his chair and walked to our tables, and said that we had 4 more chapters to discuss. And with that..I'm sure I will make a huge pee explosion in class..imagine, 4 more chapters. I started shaking and smiling, then shook my friend's arm and asked if she wanted to go to the loo with me, she said she doesn't know ,because the history teacher was quite strict. Yeah, strict, but not to me! I hold it for a few more seconds..gosh I'm dying here!  Then, my teacher looked at me and said, " Tunku what's wrong?? You wanna go pee??" awwwhhhh my gosh!! he understands me! I nod and shook and showed off my iron smile again. I thought to myself, "Finally..I can go!!" Then, he patience we had a few more seconds to finish this last topic. GGGAAAHHHHH!!!! I need a break NOW! I thought again.. after the last topic he said," Well, Tunku looks excited about rushing out, so this is the end of our class. Walk carefully Tunku.." he laughed and laughed and laughed!!!! FINALLY... I was so embarrassed, on the same time so grateful to have a nice teacher like him..yet, he understands me!! hahahahahaahha...he didn't forget that moment because on the other day he told the whole class about the situation. Yet, embarrassed for the second time. Well..good to share this story with you all.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Adored, Loved, Cared :)

Hellow's been so long since the last time I posted something. Well to tell you what's up with me at hostel and school..well, it's been really fun there! You got to know everything that I've been through throughout the whole month. Firstly, yeah I'm adored and cared and loved by my friends and felt so good to be a part of the community of my school. A few weeks ago my super awesome History teacher gave me a ride back to hostel in his car, OMG it's freaking awesome!! That's because I helped him carry his things into his car, plus..I started his car engine, which was cool! hehe, I freakin' love him!! He's quite annoyed when I always snap his pictures..hehe, I guess it's a new hobby then.
My history teacher, Cikgu Shamsul a.k.a my Dad
Owh...and then this other thing happened. School was having an award day or what ever it's called, but it's a huge event at school which my mom also went to see me go up on stage to get my award for Best English Student. Yep, Cikgu Shamsul got two awards for Best History Teacher.

 Okay, the day before..I helped out with the decorations and arranging things and almost everything with the teachers until late in the evening, almost 7pm. Here's the situation before the main hall was decorated..
Here's the stage 

Here's Nini wrapping the box
Here's senior and my other dad, hehe. He's the best art teacher ever!
Okay..we were working hard for the big day with my awesome /handsome art teacher. The party went smooth the other day..and boy we sure had a tiring day.. and by tiring, I mean..completely tiring! haha..I grabbed one of my history teacher's books while waiting for mom to pick me up at five o'clock.

Yep..lots and lots of school activities were held during the month. I'm glad to be a student with super awesome teachers who really cared about me. Plus..I brought lots of lots of prizes from school, coz I participated in lots of activities during the Academics Month. Comics competition, Collage Posters competition, Public Speaking competition..owh yeah Public Speaking!!

  Public Speaking was great..I didn't win the prize, but I won the crowd and fame.It was so cool..I met my old senior there,she was a form 5 student. Owh and then we met a few great contestants there at SMK Tunku Bendahara, I remembered the 2nd contestant, his name is Nuzul something..but he's really really good and super cute. I'm not one of those girls whom are attracted to boys because of their cutenest or whatever..but he's so..good! He won the crowd too and his presentation was epic, the best. But, he didn't win?! Well..what about the great British accent he used? His jokes..his smile?? why didn't he win? well..I don't know. I smiled a lot on stage and won the crowd too..but didn't win? it doesn't matter! Experience is the best thing ever. I love being me.
heheehhehehe...XD LOL.. next thing is the Mid Term Exam....OMG! I can't believe it's drawing closer..but what consequently..and relax the mind! You don't have to push yourself too hard, it won't help..just relax and try to do the exercises slowly so that it can be easily understood. So..PMR is the biggest exam in my life and also for every one of you whom are sitting for PMR this year. I wish you good luck,and ARE YOU READY??
a poster specially made by me for all the PMR candidates of the year

Wanna Playy......

Cool Purple Outer Glow Pointer