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Friday, 30 September 2011

An Awesome Day!!

 Hellow there..I 'm glad I'm still here to post another blogger post! About a week ago, I went to SMS Kubang Pasu for a poster competition. I went there with my teacher, we brought along a form 5 student who's participating for a different competition. When we reached there, I was surprised to see Nini! She's also one of the competitors for the poster competition. I was quite nervous at first seeing all those awesome Chinese competitors..I solute to their extraordinary abilities to colour and draw well, they joined art class and they know the importants of colouring and drawing. I felt like a 2nd class human being because those Chinese students were very talented..and I only taught myself about drawing, I never joined any art class because there's not any in Changlun, even if there's an art class, Mom can't afford to send me there..I solute and respect them..When it was about time to draw, I took some time to advice my sister about the poster that she's about to draw. I got really nervous..I think I wouldn't ever win seeing all those Chinese students with their complete expensive art supplies. When it's time to draw, I tried my best..the title's about Anti-drug. So, I drew anime cartoons by using my new Artline pens that mom gave me. After an hour, The sketch and lining were done..and suddenly I felt like the sky was getting darker, I looked up and was surprised to see Chinese students and their teachers and more students and teachers from other schools circling around me and taking pictures of me!! WOW!!! Then, they asked my teacher about me and how did I draw and everything..they also asked me were did I get my drawing skills from, those Chinese students thought I took drawing lessons, but I told them I taught myself..they seemed surprised! And kept on interviewing me and taking pictures of me..I felt like a star! I don't think I need to go on stage to get all the fame..I'm famous ALREADY!! HAHAHA!! Then, the time's about to end..I quickly coloured everything in crayon, I don't care if it looks ugly..I have to make sure it's finished!!hehe..even if it's ugly, those people still took my pictures. Well time's up and I sent it to them. I ended up going back to hostel empty handed..I didn't win anything, Nini got 2nd place for the primary school category. But, bah..who cares!! I GOT THE FAME AND MADE MY SCHOOL FAMOUS!! hehe..I don't need to win anything to be the best, the most important of all is that I got an extraordinary experience. I feel like a true winner! I don't feel like a loser at all..not even a scratch in my heart! I was smiling wide all day because the Chinese students also think of me as a first class student!! They respected me too!! awh...happy memories!!
     The next story happened at hostel,
UUM students came over to our school for a special program called," Kejayaanmu Inspirasiku"for 3 days and 2 nights. IT WAS SUPER AWESOME!! We got to know each other closer, learned about teamwork during the explorace, and knowing ourselves better!! It was hackin' awesome!!! I can't describe was really cool!!! My facilitator was scared of roaches too..he jumped beside me and screamed when he saw a cockroach at the hall. Owh gosh he was hillarious!! Thanks to Abang Syamil and Abang Shazwi for helping our group during the whole camp.
A little fan art made by me ,I used 100% Artline drawing pens! too bad they didn't get to see it...still it's a good thing I appreciate them.
Gathering!! too bad can't even see my face..
Birthday surprise for the ones whos birthday were in September, owh god..they sure surprised us with their prank that night, I never thought they were this nice!! They almost made us all freaked out! 
The other day...after this camp, on Monday night..the girls' hostel turned blackout. The power went we have to stay in the dark and study at the dining hall while waiting for the repairmen to repair. When the lights went on, everyone cheered!! Back to the dorms again..when we were gettin' ready for bed, suddenly it went blackout's sad the repairmen went home,then everyone have to sleep with no electricity to fan them during the night. There's no electricity to fan us, we have to spend our night in the hot. The next morning..the power was still off. So when there's no electricity, no water..because we need electricity to power up the water pump! gosh..I didn't take my shower for a day! It's a good thing when we got home from school, the electric went back on! haha..awesome!
Owh..another story,
At school, on the same day, Monday..a morning session teacher, Teacher Sharifah requested me to sent something for the school magazine. I told her i'll be sending her an English comic page and she agreed. The next day I brought the page up to the teachers' staffroom.I gave it to Teacher Sharifah and she said I did a great job on it! But...not far, Sir Farizal saw me giving the page to her. He asked me what paper did I just gave..I told him it was a comic page for the school magazine, so he told me to get from the teacher because he wanted to see it. I asked the teacher and she gave it to me, before she handed the page to me she shouted," Farizal, I'll kill you if you didn't give me the paper!!" haha..I laughed! Then Sir didn't believe that I was the actual artist of the comic page.. I brought along my comic file that was full of my artworks and I showed it to him that that proves that I'm the actual artist. He took my file away and said the file can't prove anything and he quickly handed me a piece of empty paper. He told me to draw in front of him..I said, Sure! Why not, I'm not scared! I asked for a pen from Teacher Jasmin and she handed me a red pen. I draw a picture of me as an anime form and signed it and I gave it to only took about 2 minutes. Sir was surprised and he said, " I don't believe you!" hehe..I said, "it proves everything! I drew it in front of you, Sir!" Teacher Jasmin also can't say a word..both of them dropped their jaw! Then, Sir quickly told me to write my contact number to keep in touch because he said I have talent. Okay, I wrote mom's number because if he wants me to draw anything he needs to ask my mom first, mom's the manager! She manages everything about me, my needs, my time..everything! He opened my file and saw every single one of my drawings and he said he was inspired by my talent and admitted he admired me and he likes me as an awesome student. He said he never saw a student that has such know, in Public Speaking, drawing..he's amazed. He told me he was really amazed by my talents. I can't also say a word..starting from next week, I have to stick around with him practicing for next year's Public Speaking competition. Well fame is near, and I hope to be a really famous person one day! Sayounara!!! ^_^

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Boring Boring Boring Week EVER!!

 Hello blog, OMG!!! I'M SO GLAD I'M HOME!! FREE FROM ALL THOSE STUFF AT HOSTEL THAT DROVE ME CRAZY!!! I'm still in a mood for holidays,that's why I wanna go home, but this time I gotta stay there for 2 usual ,I went home every two weeks..but last week wasn't the same, the warden changed the rights for the girls''s no fun at all!  We use to go out during Saturdays, but this time the warden only allow girls to go out on Friday and boys on Saturday. AAWHH..I was suppose to meet my foster dad on Saturday, but what can I do?? Hmmmph..and plus, my spectacle needed repairing.Even if I wanna go out on Friday, mom's busy bringing her cousin somewhere, and the whole family's going without me!! I was sad and miserable the whole week there, I cried lots of times..because of the warden, because of my broken spectacle, and my foster dad and mom!
  And then, my drawing papers were finished..I can't draw without them, so then I asked my mom to bring me papers on Friday because my school's about 7 kilometres away from home..and I asked her to bring the papers and Raya cookies for my teacher,Sir Farizal. He forced me to bring him cookies!! I told him I ate them all, but he said he wants cookies and won't stop begging cookies from me until he gets it..owh god! But it turned out he was only joking, he sounded so serious while demanding me for cookies, and then I asked him..did you really want cookies..then he said, "no..I was just kidding around, I'm scared if your parents report about me to the office and then i'll lose my job". Huh..I can't believe I feel sorry for him and actually gave him cookies. Until now, still hadn't seen his reactions towards me.

    It was quite boring at hostel, got nothing to do! I can't draw..I can't laugh because I was too sad..and now, my calculator turned into a handphone!! During prep hours,my friends were also boring as they had nothing to do and keep on playing with my calculator and making fake delivery was funny, she asked for KFC, but she used Pizza's number..then she asked for the KFC to be prepared at least an hour,but it reached her only a second. haha! and it's not KFC! it's just a bag of fried banana chips! OMG..I burst out laughing ..and the table was shaking! Then, I drew something on the table,haha..bad girl! I drew a picture of an anime guy walking with a serious face..then my idea grew with some mixed emotions and I drew a heartbroken monkey crying and waving it's arms. Then, I drew a speech bubble at the anime guy and wrote,"I HATE YOU!" and at the bottom..I wrote,"A MONKEY'S LOVE". LOLOLOL!!!! my friends were all laughing and screaming like monkeys during that prep hour. haha..I found a little excitement!
  At school, I got counselor chose me as one of the participants for a drawing competiton at SMS Kubang Pasu, maybe it's because I drew her that giant skeleton in her office and she knew I could draw..oo goody, credits for me!

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