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Thursday, 10 March 2011

OMG!! Last week was very and my parents cleaned up the store room under the stairs and guess what we found? a big giant TERMITE NEST!! COMPLETE WITH QUEENS TOO!! it's hard to kill them..there were so many of 'em.and we gotta spray them with aerosol and  termite poison..and we gotta move everything inside the store room. we even get rid of some stuff,like the old cabinet,boxes,old clothes,plastic bags and lots more. Mom was frustrated coz the termites even destroyed  her  postcard collection album. still, she wants to keep the album.HAHA!! Well have you ever wonder what would i get in my exam papers.Well I FAILED in 1 subject..and that is maths..and I scored 6 A's 2 B's and the other subjects.I'm not a smart student, I gotta keep on studying to improve my maths .Plus, I'm the only student in my class who got an A in English. haha..

Thursday, 3 March 2011


OMG!!! The results will be released next week!! OMG!! Wish me luck , all the best..pray for me if you love me..HAHA!! LOL, this pic was funny, I took some of my results of my exam paper, those were my score for my Malay, Agama Islam, History,Geography,English, anc Science paper..well the scores were quite embarrasing. You wouldn't wanna know about it.

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