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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

It's so quick!!

Hellow guys, as the title's so quick!! Oh god, how on earth did the date changed to December 28?? It's like I just came back from hostel yesterday and now I have to prepare for a new year?? And that freaks me out, because all the form 3 students will have to face the biggest examination of their life! And that's PMR!!!!
huhah..huhah...huhah,* breathing heavilly*
Okay, some people said PMR's just a second step..I already passed my first step, and that's UPSR. UPSR was simple!! But as long as we worked hard we will achive our goal. Something tells me I really need to get going and hanging out with books next year, and that computer!!! WAAARRGGGGHHHH...But the good thing is, you'll get really good grades in examinations and you won't be hearing mother nagging about our grades! Yay!!
After my PMR, perhaps I'll be taking an even bigger step!SPM!!! It's like my life depends on it..and it 's scary because if we didn't pass this exam, we can't live..I mean, we can live but we don't know what path should we take since we failed in that exam. But as long as people study hard and achive their goals, things will be easy and you can live and find a job in the future! But I'm already an illustrator, but didn't get wants me to work because of what my heart desires. So, that's okay with me..I'm not ready to keep all the money for myself yet, if I did get paid.. mom takes the money and keep them inside my bank account. What I really want is to be famous! Once I'm a top comic artist, or an illustrator, who doesn't pay me to do work?? Hahahaha...
This is what we call ,life. We live in God's Earth, we eat God's food, so life is full of challenges that God wants to test us to see if we're patient enough. Living is like a test, so everything around you that happened was all a big test! You might feel down sometimes when you're feelings are hurt, or if you have to solve them, you have to find the best solution and then, that frown of yours will turn upside down and you're okay!!
Well, I feel like I just gave a speech ...but now I think I'm ready to take the ride of my life..fighting for PMR!!!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

5th story from my head..your ideas for the sixth!

 hellow people, why are you here and reading this?? LOL..everyone must read my blog entry, and you're reading it now!! know how much happy you just made me? I luv it when you guys read and comment on my blog entries.
  This time I'll tell you about about my new comic. You know, My 2nd Life..the 5th episode.

It's been a while since I haven't draw comics, coz I ran out of ideas..and yesterday, an idea popped out of my mind and I can now work on my comic! You guys better send me more ideas, because every time when I check my emails, I didn't receive any ideas from anyone!! I need to work on everything on my own, owh come on people!! Show some love will ya?? Let's work together, you guys will also get something for giving me ideas. Well okay, you can send me ideas by clicking on the "My 2nd Life comic" button up there. Read EVERYTHING before you send me your ideas! My contact information were right in there.
   Hey, the 5th episode was about Eliyana's friend, Kenny Wei. He's always bullied by two boys named Rus and Mok. This time, Ken must face his fears of the bullies and fight them with his own bare hands because both of them wanted to copy his answers during the end-of-year exam. So how's it gonna end?? No need to know coz all of you didn't send me ideas at all!! I would have done at least 10 episodes by now if you guys give me ideas!! 1 episode only took about 2 weeks to finish! It's quick and will also be easier if there were lots of ideas from what's it gonna be?? Wanna see me drawing a sixth episode or wait for a few months until an idea popped into my mind and you guys can't see anything that I'm working on? It's your choice now people!!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A nice day for a nice new post

Yo whazzups peeps..I mean, Hi there guys. It's been weeks since I haven't post anything, so today I'm gonna write about stuff that makes me happy about my talent and work. First of all, I'm now in a great mood..a really nice and good mood! You know, after watching this really cool video on Youtube about the life of 2 artists animating a show, I'm starting to feel myself energetic and high spirited..So, I drew this!!
To me it's really cool, I'm satisfied with my work, after 3 days of thinking and resisting myself from being distracted with the computer. I'm happy with's Phineas and Ferb. I had to tell you that I'm really a fan of this show, its really awesome and it's not lame, everything was appropriate and suitable for all ages,'s a brilliant show, it's a really big hit.
I love Phineas and Ferb, Disney Studios really did a great job on this show, it took a lot of work and they never give up, because it's their job and they love it. I knew that I had talent, so I need to keep moving forward and use this talent for my future. People said I had quite a bright future, so I have to keep believing and have confidence in myself.
I'm inspired by these two artists, Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh. Or just Dan and Swampy for short. They inspired me and I really admire them. We never meet or communicate, but I wish someday I will meet them. The picture up there was drawn by me and it's also dedicated to them. I love them so much..I'm a really big fan!! Here's the video of their life working together to create this super awesome animation, Phineas and's really entertaining. Disney forever!!!!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

A time for my hobby

 Hello there guys, today I'm quite bored..if I'm bored, I might draw something..hey, wanna see how I draw? Great..maybe you guys could also use this post as a tutorial about drawing cartoons, I also want to share some of my talent with you.
 Okay, first of all I need all the equipments to draw. I get a piece of paper, any size or any thickness, then I choose a pencil that suits me. I only used normal 2B pencil because my parents can't afford to buy all those fancy artist pencils with various sizes.Actually, I don't really sketch pictures, maybe some..but I do a lot of inking with drawing pens. The picture I'm doing needs to be coloured, so I think it will look nice when I ink it..inking means following back the outlines of the draft we've made with pens. By using this technique, it will add more contrast and more character to our drawing. Some inking technique might be super advanced and you might find it hard to continue the process, are the types of pens that I used for inking.
Lots of them right?? Well, I actually need a place to keep them, I used to keep all these inside my pencil box, but the more I buy these pens..the less the room of my pencil box, why not building a rack for them? I made this one myself and it took about 4 hours. Okay, I classified them into 3, the first group from the left I called " Liners", 2nd," Filters" 3rd," Effects". Liners were used to make thin and medium outlines of our sketch and they may come in various sizes such as, 0.1,0.2,0.3,......until 2.0. Filters were used for colouring, the large markers supplied lots of ink and I can get any kind I want, as long as it's a large marker. I used them for my comics, you know comics needed background colour even if they didn't have any background image. Last group, Effects, various kinds of pens with different sizes can be classified into this group. But, they don't need a lot of ink, I only need the leftover ink to make the lighting effects or shadows because the colour wasn't dark and some of them were really light, like an almost finished ink. Effects were really important to me, they give my drawings more style and effects.
 So, this is a picture of my draft..sketched with pencil.
This is a sketch of my drawing, so what I want to do to it is to get it simply inked. Just need to follow the outlines with a 0.7 Liner. After I followed the outlines, I coloured it with watercolour pencils. So this is the type of colour I used.
 I keep on colouring my picture, and I did the tones. After I did the tones and colouring, I add up some water to my drawing, and it looks like it's been watercoloured. It turned out really great.
 It's Doof and Perry the Platypus Plush!! sweet! I love Doof so much and I couldn't get him out of my head! Well that's all I want to share..bye!

Monday, 21 November 2011

It's A-Doofable fun!!

 Hey there peeps! So, you have noticed a few changes to my blog right? I mean a LOT of changes. haha, I'm so addicted to Dr.Doofenshmirtz and I can't think of anything else. I haven't done much things during the holidays, but my holidays will turn better when my foster dad told me he'll be visiting me at Changlun very soon..on early December, yay!! I'm expecting for that day to come.
  Okay, I just finished wanna know what? While having dinner, I watched this pathetic yet epic movie called "Vampires Suck", and it was funny, yet really pathetic! It's seems like the director of that movie copied Twilight New Moon, but the characters were hackin' funny! Owh talking bout movies, two days took me and my sisters to the movies at Alor Star Mall. It's actually a treat for my sister because she scored 3A's for her UPSR. We watched the Adventures of Tin Tin.
 It was indeed the best movie we've ever watched. It's full of really funny moments, thrilling yet suspense moments, and also action!! It's a great movie, you should watch it . I don't mind watching it for a second time because it was a really awesome movie, plus..we watched it in 3D, double the fun!!

Pretty cool right?? 3D glasses..hehe, hey guys, can you tell me what should I draw? I'm always distracted by the computer with Facebook and all..and it's actually wasting most of my time, I don't have time to draw anything..and my Deviantart account looked like it was abandoned for months already! Gimmie what you had in mine and I'll give you a hundred bucks..LOL, In your dreams!! Okay, just tell me what should I draw, and I'll do it to keep myself from being distracted by the computer.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

It's a Great Day

 Hello everyone, after a really long long long time of not updating I'm on it! Okay, I'm on holidays now, my school started their holidays a week earlier and that's because of the SPM examination. The form 5 students were now having their SPM and I wished them good luck and hope they would get straight A's, because SPM was a really important exam which decides our living path, so..we need to work hard to get great results.
Okay, last week was fun..I brought along my camera to school and took pictures of what we've done, since it's the last week of school. Well, first..Cikgu Normah's retiring. It's sad to let her go, my mom bought her a brooch, and it's really big and beautiful. I added a drawing to the present, it's a picture of an unknown girl with specs with big hearts background and everything's coloured with marker. I made it specially for her, and I did it perfectly~ it has to be perfect because I won't see her again, but we'll still meet each other, she only lives in Jitra, and that's not far from Changlun! Okay, I'm the lead singer in the choir group, so I had to train my babies. hehehe...I mean, my friends. Most of them didn't memorize the lyrics and I must help them. We did a great job practicing with Sir Shahrir during the last few minutes on the day we had to perform. He gave us tips, he taught us how to balance our singing with the tempo and all..he's a great guy, a really awesome music teacher.

 And you guys wanna know something? Sir Shahrir was ShahR in Blackwood Project (Band).
No wonder he's so good at music and playing guitars!
   We sang Viva Forever for the choir performance, Cikgu Normah's a sad song. It's sad coz she's leaving the school, her job, she's retiring! It's a good thing I took a photograph with her.
 Good Bye, Cikgu Normah, happy retiring! Miss me always..
At hostel, we had great time eating at night. We did a little end of year feast, and the food there was awesome..I've uploaded them all on Facebook. You can see them on my Facebook. I don't wanna upload them in here coz, if I did, you might get bored seeing the same pictures!
We also played water balloons in the day, before we packed our things and set back home.
     At home, on Wednesday..Nini's school held a graduation day for all the 6 years. I decided to come and replace my mom there, my mom's busy with work, meetings and all..well you know grown ups. It's fun visiting my old school, I get to see my teachers again, some friends there, and it seems like the school had done a lot of changes. While waiting for them to prepare for the graduation, me and my friend, Wardah went to SMK Bandar Baru Sintok for a while, just to visit old friends. We entered the building without permission, because there's no guards at the guard house, we felt a little less confident to just walk in like that. Well, the teachers there were nothing to bother, they didn't say anything when they saw we were getting the feeling that maybe it's okay for visitors to enter. Okay, the school looks the same as my sisters' school, like a giant we just had to walk like in a square. We asked for directions from the seniors there, they showed the way to class 2 Delima and we're on the track. When we reached there, everyone was surprised to see both of us in their school, they were happy! Old friends from primary school, old feels like old times..A'liyah was there too. I took photos and talk with's been a while since I haven't seen them. Okay, time's almost showing it's 9 am. We gotta go, both of us said our goodbyes and off to our primary school.
  At primary school, the event started at 10:30 am..the PPD was having troubles with other school events and had to arrange his schedule. Well it's about time, my sister, Niza was performing on stage. With all her classmates that took Chinese language. They all sang on sister looked cute in a red cheongsam. There's lots of performances made by cute students..
 such as Silat,
the Marching band,
Niza's Chinese song performance,
Choir performance, and also Zapin.
it's entertaining, I took photographs during he whole time with my all time favourite teacher, Sir Zul. He's good at taking pictures. He's a really great guy to stay around with. I heard that he's gonna turn into a daddy soon! His wife's pregnant. Hoorray!
Nini sure enjoyed herself there.
Owh, speaking about Nini..she took her UPSR results should have been there! It's full of suspense, everyone does their parents, even mom! Not me..haha.

Okay, my tummy's aching, I know it's nervous..I just hope Nini would get good results in her exam, if she gets about 3, 4 or maximum..5 A's she'll get the chance to stay with me in SMK Hosba. One by one, the students' names were called. Everyone had their faces pulled, they were crying..they were hoping for good results, the moms were crying too..hoping for their children to get good results. Finally it's Nini's heart pounded, Nini was crying and running at the same cried too, she said it would be okay and would accept Nini's results, whatever the grades were. It was sad..I'm shaking, I looked at her marks and WOOOOOOPPPP!!! I jumped and screamed loudly, I don't feel embarrassing at all..not a bit. The parents and teachers were surprised to see me jumping and screaming , OMG!!OMG!!OMG!! woooooooo!!!! I was out of control, all the parents and teacher turned their heads to see me. I don't care, I wanna jump! Nini scored 3A's and 2B''s a miracle!! She never scored A's before in her exams and trial, it was a real miracle, I never thought she might be able to score that much. She surprises everyone. Owh god, Nini's really good, I didn't know how did she manage to score A's in her Bahasa Melayu papers..both of the papers were A's. I can't believe it, she always sucks in Bahasa Melayu Penulisan, because she always write sentences in Kedah language and not even proper Malay language. Well..congratz to her, I didn't even score A in my BM Pemahaman. She's good..we celebrated her victory with a nice lunch at Huski's. And at night, we had kuey teow for dinner in Jitra.

Tomorrow, we might be going to the cinemas to see a movie..any great ideas what movie we should watch??

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Penang Trip

Hellow there guys, yesterday me and my family just came back from Penang..we had a great time there, so did you wanna see some photos I've taken?? yep, I bet you're up and jumping like crazy to see them.LOL. We went there by ferry.



Then, what are we waiting for?? Let's hit the pool!!
We had a lot of fun staying there, they had really good food ,I can't stop from forgetting those delicious breakfast they had. Sorry if there's no pictures of other fun stuff, my camera ran out of batteries,LOL. Then, we had fun shopping at Queensbay Mall.. mom bought a few books for me at Borders book store, it was a hackin' awesome bookstore, it's really really big and I might even die seeing all those super great stories they had!! You have got to go to Penang, it was a peaceful place, but on the same time..watchout for the drivers there, they're selfish !! But once you get used to those crazy drivers you'll be fine..hehe, that's all for today

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Another great tour..

 Hey there blog!! I'm telling another story, this time was quite sad but yet happy at the same time..okay, since my victory for the poster competition at the Prostar programme,my teacher chose me for another competition at SMK Bandar Baru Sintok. Guessing where is that???? :D IT'S A'LIYAH'S SCHOOL!!!! WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!! I'm so happy, but on the same date, 31.10.11 I have exams. The competition was held during morning, but my exam started at 1.45 I also had time to sit for the exam..duh, it's piece of cake! It's English paper..I would score it anyway coz I always get A+++++++++++'s in English! LOL! Okay, on the day when I reached and my senior,Kak Baiti had to separate, she had to move to the next room, while I remained in the room where the teachers gave the instructions and rules..the room was too small, only fit for about 30 people..or less..the competitors where about more than 50..and this time was WAY CHALLENGING!!! There were Chinese competitors too...they always give me the goosebumps and lost my confidence. AAwwhh...what can I do, I'm the school's best artist, yet not a real artist, I'm a cartoonist..I'm not that good at colouring..still people said my colouring techniques were awesome.So, I must prove to the school that I can do it!
  When the teachers passed out the drawing papers to all the competitors, and wow...Owh my gammit!!! The paper was HUGE!! about bigger than the size of the table that I was going to draw on..will I finish colouring it in time??I don't want to end up like last time when I had to rush off colouring and put random colours on my poster and mess everything up..hurmmm....
I was drawing and sketching, no teachers came to see me..after an hour so, I started inking the whole page I drew a Malay guy wearing a Baju Melayu, and then a policeman blowing the whistle,then, I drew a car and an LRT, then the sun, people doing a lion dance, the King..and lots more!!! One by one...teachers stopped at my table and looked at my drawings...and they asked which school am I from..I simply answered, Hosba!! then they took photographs of me and the drawing I was working kinda feel like I'm some sort of a VIP or something..haha! That's what people normally do when they saw my drawings..I got a bit used to that already. Owh god!!!!!! I spent about 2 hours inking the page and still got 1 more hour to finish everything up!! I haven't even started colouring yet..I saw the competitors around me were busy colouring and I thought, I might lose....It's okay, as long as I'm popular! I remembered my foster dad's words about having confidence inside I started rushing off, then a teacher passed by and told me that I have the hope to, more self confidence!! Rush..rush..rush....suddenly, I saw a few students passing by the room I was inside, some of them were my seniors..well some were the students from other schools..and they were like supporting me even more..they said my drawings were the best among all..but still,to colouring was a real problem!! I started rushing again with all the self confidence people just gave me..all of a sudden, something caught my attention..there was a glowing bright light in front of the door..and it was.....aaaaaawwhwhhh my gosh!!!!!!!
It's A'liyah!!!!

I was smiling and smiling like I never smiled before..I was too happy! The teachers that were staying inside the room was staring at me..owh god, I thought I never saw her! We were smiling, suddenly my hand stuttered, it shaked...maybe I was too happy. I can't good hand was shaking..after a few seconds, I had to keep on colouring..35 minutes passed..I kept on colouring..lots of teachers were walking away from my table because of my bad colouring..I knew it, but I had to finish colour that poster! about ten minutes before times up...I was still colouring it...but...but..there's half of the page more to be finished!!! Awwwhhh...there's no hope of winning, it's okay! I'm FAMOUS!!!! That's all what I kept on saying inside me..
 Then, all of a sudden..the teachers said, okay..times up!!! WHAT??? There's still ten minutes left??? How??What?? Who???Why??When?? DAAAAAAHHH!!!!! They cut off 10 minutes and it's completely unfair!!! actually, I'm not the only one who didn't finish, there's lots of student with the same fate as me..well better luck next time.

 Okay..I ended up losing..but still it's fun!! I got to see A'liyah, but didn't have time to talk or joke like old times..that night, I called her from hostel, we joked about the day and told her about this silly article I've wrote for my English paper 2. It was about a robbery case, everything was serious and all at first, but when it comes to the part when the robber forced the lady to open the metal box-thingy that contains money (sorry, forgot the name of that thing), the lady said she forgot the secret code..haha! Then, the robbers where disappointed with her answer and they told everyone inside the bank that they'll be back in another 15 minutes after telling their boss about the lady forgotten the code and was funny..those two robbers weren't actually robbers..they were still in training and a lot dumber than Dumbo!! LOL!! When the two walked out of the bank,they found themselves arrested by the police..the police were standing in front of the door. hahaha....I guess that's all. See ya all...I've learnt my lesson, and I must practice my ya, and remember....

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It all happens yesterday..

 dear blog...
 yesterday was Deepavali, so Happy Deepavali to all..
 yesterday, we went to grandma's house to see our newborn cousin..
 yesterday, we went to Sungai Petani for mom's reunion..
wahahahah, Camera girl on the's some pictures that I've taken during the visit to my grandma's house, and Mom's reunion..

  Yep, I guess that's all..wanna see more? just go and see them on my Facebook account!

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