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Friday, 20 January 2012

Komik!!! Komik!!!

Hi there..mind if I write a Malay post this time?? Well I'm a Malaysian, well speaking and writing in Malay is what I do everyday. I hope you don't mind coz I've written lots of English posts lately since this blog was created. So this is the first time ever I'll be presenting a post in Malay, it's about my new comics. They were published in my school's magazine, hope you Malays out there were excited for this...
 Di Sebalik 2nd Life,
Komik #1: Mentertawakan Orang
Baca dari kiri ke kanan..(left to right)
 Hey..don't get upset if you don't get it...I could translate them for you if you can't understand
.here's the translations:
Eliyana: Hi, I'm Eliyana..and this is our story in SMKSB (Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultanah Baitiah).
This story is about "the consequences of laughing at people".
Ken: (walk..walk..) (slipped!) WAAAH!! Ouch!!
Mok and Rus: Hahahha..the sissy fell down!!
Mok: Waaahhh!! I just touched ?*@# !
Rus: Ooii!! wipe that somewhere else!!

Next one,
Komik #2: Kebenaran

Understand this one?? Huh..fine..translation:
Hanis: Hi, I'm Hanis Mahsuri! Just call me Hanis for short,okay? This story is about "The Truth".
Eliyana: Hey Hanis! You're copying MJ's style!!
Hanis: Didn't you know MJ is my dad? Everyone knew that already!!
          (showed the Identification Card)
           Here..take a look at his IC.
What's written on the IC was:
 Mat Jakob B Mat Jebon,
00000, Monkey Land, Amazon Forest,
Amazon River.

Get the story?? lots of my friends were laughing at it..if you don't laugh at it you're a complete monkey! LOL..sorry to be mean, but at least you really get it right?

The last and yet final story..glad it's in English and I don't have to translate it! Still..the words stinks!!
Komik #3: Important Message!
 I told you..the words stinks..especially the monkey's love part. There's no such thing as "Monkey's Love" the real word was Puppy Love. I changed the word because I thought some Malays or Indians or other races at my school don't really understand the real word, there's not many English Pro here at my school you know! But with the word ,"Monkey's Love" lots of students knew what's the message I'm trying to tell them through this comic. We call Puppy Love , "Cinta Monyet" Cinta means "love" and monyet means," monkey", so it's understandable for those people who don't really know much about English.Some of my English teachers also said my idea was actually pretty good and lots of students knew what my comic was about, so I'm quite happy with myself. Okay, I'm sure that's all I want to say and show you people..
   Owh, about my comic proposal to be published with PTS Publications..well..they're still in the process and I didn't receive any respond from them yet. It's actually okay..I did feel happy to publish some of my comics in the school magazine. It's not the same as the ones I sent to PTS, it's wayyy different and the ones I sent them was about 20 pages per story. So don't get confused with my comics..the ones for my school magazine was," Di Sebalik My 2nd Life" the real yet original one was" My 2nd Life".
Okay, that's all I had in mind..I hope you all enjoyed my artworks.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hostel 2012

Hey there's been soooo long since I last posted something here. So now, I'm finally relaxing at home after two weeks of staying at hostel and starting my new life as a form 3 student. Okay, PMR is driving closer, and I gotta get prepared. School was fun, I mean really fun..I used to hate History, but since the first day of History class..I'm in love with history!! Yay..thanks to my super duper awesome teacher, Cikgu Shamsul..I'm now really confident in getting an 'A' for History. God..the way he teach us in class was amazing, funny, and entertaining! I'm so in love with him now..I mean, History..hehe. On the first day of school, everyone knew me already! The teachers knew my name, but I don't really know them because they taught the morning session and this is the year when I need to study in the morning session, I was quite surprised that I have fans too after my comics for the school magazine was published! AWESOME!!

   Owh..and one more sister Nini's staying with me in hostel!! Yay..she really had fun at hostel and starting a new life at secondary school. It's a good thing people knew she's my she's getting lots of friends on the first day and gettin' as popular as me too.hahahah..

 Yep..hostel was great, but on the first week before Nini got there, something terrible happened..the power went out! The girls' hostel is always causing problems. So we don't have electricity from morning till night and also the next day. So our companion for the night were the flashlights. The next day, we don't have water supplies, well..if the power went will the water. Huh..I guessed we had to be independent for a couple of days .
  The power went back on in the afternoon and just in time to welcome our new hostel mates, Nini's one of them too. So I helped her unpack her things in my locker..the reason she had to share lockers with me is because there's not enough lockers for the new kids. Nini's quite lucky to have me to lookout for her things instead of sharing lockers with someone else. She also needed to share my bed because her dorm is under maintenance and isn't ready for people to move inside yet. Yep..the dorm Nini's going to stay was really terrible, dirty floor, dangerous killer fan with no cover, killer fan that's going to fall on people's head, and cracking tiles with water coming out of them. I did help with the cleaning, and leave the rest to the maintenance workers.
    Okay, we enjoyed ourselves's fun at school, new experiences..and glad Sir Farizal moved to some other school far..far..away..!!! more troubles for me. Cikgu Normah had retired, so there's a new counselor taking her place. She's really nice, I hope she'll be managing things as good as Cikgu Normah. Okay, I guess that's all I had in mind ..See you soon

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