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Friday, 29 April 2011

Family hours

Hello there blog, it has been a while since i haven't update you. We'll last Thursday evening, I got back from hostel, and now here I am at home ..ahh peace. I was busy studying at school, I have to face topical exams, memorizing poems, memorizing songs for the choir performance that'll be held about two weeks later. Plus, it's fun staying at hostel, many good things and bad things happened there. The good part is that I'm a lead singer with my friend Auni in the choir performance. The worst is the "Hysteria" part, you know..ghostly spirits that didn't live in peace and likes to take over a living persons's scary..all the victims were screaming so loud!
Well that's what happened at school, yesterday morning, me and my family woke up early. We enjoyed drawing cats and this is the picture if you want to see..each of us drew our own kitties!
What cute kitties we drew! And plus, yesterday Prince William and Kate Middleton got married.It was the biggest royal marriage ever held! Wow, my mom got so crazy about it..she took a lot of pictures of the happy couple on the TV screen..haha!

Wanna Playy......

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