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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Feelin' Down?

Hey there peeps..something bad happened to me yesterday. I finished working on my artwork for a competition held in UUM. I worked hard took me about 3 days to finish! Because I was lazy..LOL.  I think I did a pretty good job on it.
But still..I got a problem with it. I think it's not going to win anything. I kept on thinking and thinking and thinking about what's gonna happen to the future and how are the results going to be or am I going to win's driving me nuts!!
I looked at it again and I think it's childish and immature..I want it to look quite professional. I think I want to draw another one.So, I search for painting and drawing tutorials on Youtube. It encourages me to use watercolour..even though I hate watercolour, the paintings that I watched online was beautiful and I think I should go ahead and try using watercolour. The artworks made by the people who uploaded those videos were amazing, truly wonderful and it looks easy.'s harder than it looks.
  My artwork turned into some crap and I was angry with mom made weird faces when she looks at me. I knew I can't trust watercolour!! AAggghh!
 I was thinking of my future last night. What's in my mind was ,"I'm not gonna win, you're immature, you are not a pro and you can never win, I am not an artist, I can't be an artist when I can't make PERFECT paintings" Those really drove me crazy..I was so frustrated and I was in stress..I can get rid of that anger, so I cried.
 I cried so bad..I was flipping over some pages of a painting tutorials book that my mom bought me. I was still crying..I hate looking at those paintings, because I really can't make any. I blew up, it's a good thing I didn't tear any pages of the book. It costs my mom quite a fortune.
  But after a while my mom gave me some advices..but it didn't work so well. I went crying under my bed and I was rolling down there. That drives the nerves out of my sister, she got angry. I got angry I hide myself in the cupboard. My sister got angrier. Then, I heard my mom yell from outside to go to sleep. Huh..what a frustrated night..the night I slept with tears and no hope to face against other professional artists.
  But this morning, I woke up early and I searched for motivational and inspirational videos on Youtube. Then, I found a video made by a guy called Shoo Rayner. His words were inspiring..what he said was quite true..the problems he stated was my problems..and the video really helped me to keep on trying and never give up and don't think about the future and's a good video.
Here's the video..

P/S: Shoo looks like Uncle Zamri. I'm serious! he looks just like Uncle Zamri but a white version. LOL.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Do nothing much vacation

Hey hey hey people...look who's back?! It's been a while I haven't wrote anything here.
 So, during the holidays my mom took me and my sisters to Penang. My dad's still working in KL and he doesn't come along.
       All of us girls were so happy...we shopped and shopped for 3 days in a row! And we ate ice cream everyday . We went swimming at a hotel and played at the beach, making a sand zombie and got washed up in the waves.. The best part of the holiday is when mom gave me and Nini the experience of a lifetime by letting us fly on a parachute!! was cool! I screamed hard at first..but then I started to imagine that a giant man-eating shark was going to leap from the ocean and eat me when I got higher in the sky. Gosh it was scaryyyy..but after a while I got used to it and I was flying free like a bird.
 I really had fun up there. I really love my mom.. After Penang we went to Sungai Petani to meet our cousins and aunts. And we stayed there for a day since my aunts really wanted us to. The other day we still had ice cream. It's enjoyable actually! Gotta love the good ol' times.

After our vacation, we didn't do much. Just watching tv and do house chores most of the time. Mom is always at work.Me and my sisters are always at home taking care of things.
You know, during the and my sisters watched Megamind. Yeah it was an awesome show..really awesome!! Gotta love it! It was hacking epic and funny..we didn't get to watch it in the cinemas last year, but it's a good thing Astro subscribed to that show. Awh..for those who didn't watch it yet do watch it! Catch Megamind on your TV.

And another thing..
I was working on something, still it's something quite awesome which I hadn't shown to people. I'm currently working on a new comic. It's called Artist Jalanan. It's a malay comic. Still working on's not done yet. I haven't inked it, but the sketches and storyboards are done.
It's about a boy named Izwan Shafik who grew up without his parents to be a professional artist. When he was a little boy, he and his family were involved in a car crash and  Izwan was separated from his family. He was then kidnapped by two guys who robbed houses for a living. Izwan was forced by them to beg for money on the streets. He was treated terribly since then. Years later, he discovered he had an unusual talent which is drawing, he met several people who helped him to earn the true meaning of living. When he was 18 years old, he joined a drawing competition which promises a ticket for a bright future. Finally he earned the opportunity of a lifetime and succeed in his career.

So here are a few sketches of the main characters that I've drawn.

Izwan Shafik Zulhilmy

Nur Fasha Zainuddin

Zainuddin Amri

These are the three main characters. And there's more where that came are the FIRST to see original drafts of my comic. Here are some scenes that I have taken from different chapters. You can say it's a mixture of sad, suspense, love and comedy.


The End?

Well...I feel like I'm currently watching a real life movie trailer here. It's one of those feelings I get all the time when I'm a bit satisfied with my arts.

Yeah..and here's more!! 

Which cover do you prefer? It's still in sketch form.

 Yeah..okay, see ya in the next post.

Monday, 5 November 2012


   Dear bloggers...hey, long time I haven't update this place! Fuh...bersawang nampak!! haha..
So, dah habis exam tunggu apa lagi? Nina lukis puas-puas!!
Sekarang cuti sekolah, and we did a lot of activities in school before the holidays started, we only had 9 days to spend precious moments with our friends and teachers at school. Memang gempak!! Semua activity best2 punya! Buktinya, semua gambar dalam album FB Nina..

Well, nothing much to say..result exam akan keluar bulan 12 nanti. Nina sentiasa doakan yang terbaik untuk semua kengkawan yang mengambil PMR and myself. Kata cikgu2 SMKH, batch Form 3 tahun 2012 lah yang  terbaik berbanding tahun2 lepas. So, result mesti gempak punya!!! Insya-Allah 8A..kalau tak dapat pon Nina redha je dapat berapa A pon.

Hmm..kengkawan form 3 mesti sedang syok kat KL ngan Melaka sekarang..yelah, they went for a 3 days and 2 nights school trip. Nina is stuck here at home with no friends!
Nak tau kenapa Nina tak pergi? Dah mama tak bagi..haha. Nina pon memang teringin sangat nak join diorang, tapi Mom was really strict. She said she can't trust the school's safety measurements.

She's afraid that these might happen to me:

  or this:

 Hehe..I guess I have to go with her then. It's okay, Mom loves me more than anything!! I'm grateful to have her for a mom..hey, have you guys ever kissed your mom everyday? If not..try to!! Mothers did many sacrifices for us.
Okay..bye bye and see ya later!!!

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