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Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Busiest Week Ever!

 Assalam last we met!! I'm sorry for leaving this blog not updated for a while.
Oh yeah, I'm now busy with co-curricular activities in school. Especially English Drama. It looks like they postponed the event again..this time SMK Bandar Baru Sintok is organising the event and the best part is that we're performing in UUM!!!
So..come and watch the competition on the 27th June 2013 at Dewan Seni dan Budaya, UUM.

We've been preparing much for this!! We'll perform next week and we're getting the goosebumps. Yeah next week is going to be a busy..busy... week. Our full drama practice will start on Sunday, then Monday for the whole day!!( morning till evening), Then we'll have to go to UUM to check on the place on Wednesday and finally we're performing on Thursday!! OOOHH...SUCH A BUSY WEEK!
 And another thing, my counsellor told me that a PRS camp will be held in Yan, Kedah which is on the same date of our drama competition.
 And maybe on the 28th of June..the next day I'll be going to Langkawi for the States Level competition of Gerkorama, Public Speaking!!!! Actually, I'm not participating, just accompanying my partner, Sanusi since he won for the District Level.
Danggiittt..too much activities! I think I better skip the PRS camp if necessary.

But through all those problems and busyness I got some good news when I came home yesterday.
I logged into my FB account and I found something that almost gave me a heart attack on my notifications list.
I'm so happy..this is something really awesome! Thank you guys for supporting me, if it wasn't for you I couldn't have gotten this far. Well, I better keep on drawing so that I can send my comics for their next competition .'s something for you guys..they're the comics I drew for the competition.
Title: ( I forgot) who cares.. I just put Whateva title here.. It's about a homework disaster.

Hehehe..that's the end, just 6 pages..hope you enjoy. Mine's not as good as the others..:D
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