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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My Favourite Character in Phineas and Ferb

Okay..this post wuz about MY favourite okay? Actually Doofenshmirtz was my favourite character and I had just put a comic strip about him he's cute in this comic..totally my favourite..XD

Mistaken Identity by ~Illustrious-Crackpot on deviantART

Monday, 22 November 2010

Holidays at my Grandma's

Hello there, during the holidays accidents happened. And besides accidents, there's enjoyment and relaxation. Me and my sisters were sent to our grandma's house cause mom had work and don't have time to look after us. It's fun staying here, we are staying for 3 days and we had fun playing with our cousins and watching horror movies..hehe scary,we even woke up late in the's fun, much fun than got hit by a goat!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Darn It!! My Holidays Got Ruined!!

Dear Blog..about that safety on holidays post, man i'm the one who got in trouble ! We hit a goat at the highway and our car's now broken and had to be fixed and it was left at the work shop! Poor goat, hope it's dead..hehe but still mom's in stressed and now we had to use our uncle's car instead..

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Safety On Your Holidays..

LOL cat dangerous funny Pictures, Images and Photos
Hello there, you noticed during the holidays,many awful incidents happened to people and if we wanted to avoid them, we gotta make sure we follow the rules around the streets or maybe we can take safety precautions.. I give you 3 questions and you have to answer all three by using your own answers.

1. Imagine you're walking on the streets, then you saw a stranger nearby..he wanted you to help him by walking him home. What would you do?

2. You're driving a car , then a mad driver zoomed his car towards you ,the car was going fast and you panicked.. What would you do?

3. You were playing at the park until a stranger appeared and then grabbed you and tried to kidnap you , what would you do?

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Holidays are Here!!!!

vacation Pictures, Images and Photos

Yay!! The holidays are finally here! I got back from my hostel yesterday and carried everything from my school locker. It was like i'm carrying my locker on my back and it was really heavy! and the good news is that next year I GOT to stay at the hostel at Hosba!!! I love my school so much, if i hadn't got any dorm at the hostel , i have to move to another school..but it's such a good thing that my ID form wasn't rejected by the the warden. And still these holidays are gonna rock! cause i would want to relax and think about no books at all!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

My friends online...

Wondering why i put these people's pictures? because they're my best friends...this is Aliyah, she's been friends with me since third grade, we played the band in our primary school together,and now we're in high school, but we got separated into different schools and we're still best friends , we met on Facebook all the time..she's now improving her drawings and got it all well. we're a team , but sometimes we started a small fight..after a few minutes we laughed again. there are many memorable moments in  primary school together, we shared pictures online and still it's happy moments.

Sergey Chserba, cute right? he's from Kazakhstan, and he's a genius. he's good in education and sports, and has a very good imagination. He can write books about Digimon , i could draw comic books, but he has a lot of ideas about making stories. We met on Facebook  just this year and we're now best budds..we chat on Facebook all the time. And he writes songs too..

Man..talking about weird stuff?

Okay..i don't know what's driving me crazy..i just had a bad day that's all...that end of year exam was HARD! not so hard..but it's tough, gotta squeeze my brain to remember stuff..and still i didn't remember a thing! OMG!! i hope next year i'll get to stay at the hostel again..cause if i didn't, mom's freakin' me out ...i have to study hard..still got 2 more days to complete the entire exam..and then HOLIDAY!!!! wish me luck for the hostel and good results in the exams..taiora berry Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Farewell Teacher Mardzryana!!!

my teacher and the on the right beside the blue girl,haha..

Well..this is the party i'm talking's for my English teacher, she's not teaching us anymore..she's teaching kindergartens instead...we will miss you Teacher!! 4 Evur!!!
This guy on the left was my favourite teacher..He teaches us KH ,and hope my friend Al still remembers him..he's funny anyway!!! that's why he's my favourite..hehe!!

Friday, 24 September 2010 i knoww what's the problem..

okay, the problem is that i don't need to update the facebook mini feed thingy or whatever it's called..

Hey there..wanna see my project video?

hey there..wanna see my project video? actually it's and my best friend aliyah made it..i did all the drawings and she did all the video making thing..soo..enjoy it

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Best Day Ever!!!

Hi there, today was the best day and my friends planned a reunion for my old classmates,we had a lot of fun there...we met our old teachers, old friends...and stayed at our old school for the day! Plus, it was the day that our school was having a Raya celebration feast! we enjoyed ourselves and took many pictures during our reunion there, it has been such a long time we haven't met each other...and for the first time, we planned a reunion ! Since kindergarten, we were also good friends, we've been such good friends that we never managed to separate from each other.

Saturday, 11 September 2010


 Kittens in a cup

Hey there blog, i want to write something about me.Every night,i always had trouble sleeping.I can't go to sleep properly,if i sleep...i would wake up for the next 2 hours,then if i sleep again i still got up on the next 2 hours.I wonder what made me sleepless...if i didn't sleep at night, i can't concentrate on studying in my class and i got very tired and then, the teachers scolded me!If you guys had answers about the problem i can give me advices on my shout box.



well,Raya holidays were almost over...i haven't done a single homework because i haven't got enough time.And what terrifies me most was the third term exam results and the oncoming final examination! i hope i can do it,i hope this time i will past both of the tests....i'm scared anyway,just hope i'll get good results.i wish i will past the tests no matter what!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Wow, today was sure boring..i wish i could do something that's relaxing and fun...well i've connected the blog to my facebook account to let my friends see it. I just hope there are fun stuff to do today.I wanna do something!you guys gotta give me something that i could do to scare away those boring feelings.owh come on!!! it's just so boring that i want to have a bit of entertainment!well...if you guys have decisions for me to do, just comment or leave a message on my shoutbox.

Monday, 6 September 2010

hei, is everything alright over there? any boring feelings or stories you would like to share with me? Well, i have a story for goes like this, Once upon a time, there lived an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died,the end...okay,i had enough of kidding around. Now i felt bored,nothing to do but just writing down on the blog what i'm thinking of. Hmmm...what do you think i should do? i had homeworks but i don't want to do it. I still don't have the right time to do it,one of it was an assignment that my teacher told me to make a folio about wild plants on the subject Geo.But i gotta get a sample of the plant to paste inside the folio,and i don't have coloured paper to paste the sample on either! Well this is tough work,but i think it's easy....but i still think it's tough...owh i don't know what i'm feelin' it's like a mixture of easy but not so easy and it drives me nuts.Owh, i wish i don't have homeworks at all,but just enjoy the fun writing the blog.And i also had this other homework that i need to make a poster about Drugs! and use crayons and watercolour to colour it. I still don't feel like doing any homeworks but just enjoy the scenery around the holidays...well maybe that's all what i want to tell you.

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Dear my plushie was know what i mean right? i make my own stuffed digimon,Pyromon and boy was it adorable!! you guys might like to try making it because things like these always tests our minds to see how creative are we.well speaking about me, creativity was a part of me as well as all of you! it's not so challenging and it's fun by just thinking about it.I knew that most of my friends were creative and very talented in arts and crafts than me but,they all give me the spirit to work harder and reach out for my dreams..i know that someday,i will success!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Dear blog, sorry i haven't check you for a long time because i was busy studying for my exams at my school. i can't go home because i live in the hostel...but this two weeks vacation is fun and gives me more time to edit the blog...well a lot of changes had been done.I hope this Raya was fun!!!! I wish all my friends A Happy Raya Day!!!

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