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2nd Life (coming soon)

2nd Life is my comic that is still in progress and I am currently working on it
   It's about an average 13 year old  school girl named Eliyana Zarif, who was actually new to the  teenage life in a secondary school, that is Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultanah Baitiah. She made friends with Hanis Mahsuri and they gained a lot of experience and adventures in school ,such as living in the hostel, exploring about the school environment and stopping people from doing the wrong things .

Every episode in the story has morals and funny facts, and this comic is suitable for all ages.
     This comic will soon be published under..well I don't know where but it will be published, Insyaallah...

 My 2nd Life, Comic Cover 2013

Bottom left-- meet.. Mary, Eliyana, Hanis
Top right--- Kenny and Zikri

Comic Cover 2011

The episodes were planned to be 10 episodes,
Episode chart:
EPS 1:Consequences of Bullying (Akibat Membuli )
EPS 2: Alien in the Hostel ( Alien di Asrama)
EPS 3: Poisoned Cafeteria (Kafeteria Beracun)

EPS 4: Body Building Camp (Kem Bina Badan)

EPS 5: The Bully chase ( Dikejar Buli) 
EPS 6: Homework Disaster ( Kerja Sekolah Susah! ) * under progress .. idea accepted :)
EPS 7: ?
EPS 8: ?
EPS 9: ?
EPS 10: ?
If  you guys have great extraordinary decisions and ideas about the next upcoming episodes, send them to me by email:
or Facebook: Nina Yusrina
Chosen ideas will receive a special appearance of their own character in the story..(just give me or write down the details and looks about your character or send them a picture if you can draw :), and send it along with your ideas)
* Remember!! Ideas must be suitable with the Malaysian environment and must NOT contain inappropriate contents.

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