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It's all about me..

What's your name? Tunku Yusrina Tunku Nazrin.
Your birthday? 19th August 1997
Where did you live?Changlun, Kedah, Malaysia, Asia, Earth, Third planet from the solar sistem.
What did you do during free times? Drawing, Surfing the net, Reading, Writing, Listening to music,Drawing comic books..
Favourite food? I have no favourite food, I'll eat anything.
Drinks?Mostly fruit juices or odd drinks that looks fruity..gotta love fruits, it's good for the health.
Where did you study? I'm currently studying in SMK Hosba. I used to study in SK Bandar Baru Sintok,my primary school.
What's your best experience at school? The time when the teachers discovered about my talent, then I gained popularity and starting to draw for them.
 Have you ever found LOVE?? Love is a strong word..I love Allah.. for giving me the ability to draw and live in this beautiful world. Still, I'm in love with school and knowledge.
When did you start drawing? Tell us about your history of life?
  It all started when I first watched Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoon.I really love watching it, I loved when my dad drew those characters for me when I was little.I was really small that time until somehow I got addicted to cartoons until I behaved like one too!!I got so crazy about cartoons until I forced my grandpa, my cousin, my dad, my mom..almost every relative in my family to draw for me. And all of them were annoyed with my behavior of crying when they didn't wanna draw for me.
 When I  turned about 4 years old, I still liked forcing my relatives to draw for me, until one day..everything changed. It started when I got a sketchbook from my aunt.My cousins and sister also had one,my aunt bought for everybody, and she drew a Pokemon character in everybody's book. I got so excited, but then it all turned into a frown.I cried!! I cried because my aunt drew Pika's nose wrong.. it looked upsite down. Then I cried and forced everyone to draw for me..after my cousin came home from school, I forced him to draw for me, but still the nose looked ugly!! I screamed and cried and I took a pencil and draw the nose myself..and wow, it turned out nose was the best! (to me) and I stopped crying.
     Until that day, I knew that I CAN draw. Who says I can't? I believe in myself and I can do it! From that on..I started drawing many English was also starting to get better by just watching cartoons . I could speak in English than just in Malay, then I started drawing comic books during 7 years old..I sold them for 50 cent per comic. It's a small short story comic, and it's a hit in my class..almost every classmate bought it! Until now..I turned into a somebody than just a nobody. I could draw, I could act,and I could speak in English! Everything is possible when you believe in yourself...
Did you want to say anything to the people out there?
Never Give Up!!! Practice makes PERFECT!

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