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Friday, 18 October 2013

Penang Again

Hi guys..I'm back. A couple of days ago, my mom brought me and my sisters to Penang. We stayed there for 2 days. It was fun..We checked into Rainbow Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, and then we're off to the pool and the beach! The beach was breath-taking! I love the air and the soft sand, and also the salty seawater that kept splashing onto my face every time when the waves approached me. Yep..Penang was relaxing. I just love Penang.
 On the next day, we went to Queensbay Mall to shop and eat some ice cream. We were hungry, it's lunchtime already and we bought some pretzels at Aunty Anne's. The pretzels were delicious..owh, by the time we sat at our table, a guy approached us. He was deaf, and he was selling wooden keychains. He was still young tho' and super cute, and he's Chinese. He uses sign language to communicate with us. He took out a few key chains from his bag, they were cute..I picked a gun key chain, it was a really cute gun!! My sisters picked some hearts key chains. And he sold 1 for RM7. We bought 3, he gave us a discount and we only paid RM15. He's a nice guy..I waved him goodbye and he gave me a friendship bracelet. feels like..aaahhh (opera lady singing) it's the power of friendship! I can't forget him..he's awesome for some reason. I respect him..his ability is my weakness ( I can't really understand sign languages, and he showed me the meaning of friendship). So guys..respect the disabled, they are better than us!!
 Later, we went to BORDERS to get some books.. each of us got our own books, here are mine:
I found these and I LOVE THEMI wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't buy that Rurouni Kenshin manga..I thought it was the first episode for the whole series, but it turned about to be the first manga for the latest Rurouni Kenshin series..I am truly satisfied! And I love the manga because Takeda Kanryu's in there too!!!! There were LOTS OF KANRYU SCENES! yay Kanryuuuuuuuu   I LOVE YA!
Gotta Love this guy...He's too funny and crazy and evil!!

Kanryu..Kanryu..Kanryu....when will you marry me?????? 

Kanryu-sama DAISUKI!!!!  
Okay that's all I guess.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Rurouni Kenshin Movie

Assalam and hi to everyone! I'm sorry that I didn't update for almost 3 months..3 MONTHS!! Gawd..
You could say that I'm a bit lazy but on the same time I have tons of homework to be done. And I'm now on holidays, so Happy Aidil Adha to you guys out there. schedule's quite tight now, I need to finish a lot of homework and my school magazine editorial gang were busy editing, collecting reports, taking pictures, and collecting students' artwork. I'm one of them, so what I do is to collect all the artwork and edit them.So, I get to bring my mom's  laptop to hostel to do my work, and I made a few digital arts.

Back to the topic, I'm gonna talk about a awesome movie! It's based on a best selling manga and animation by Nobuhiro Watsuki. It was made into real life, yes..the movie is Rurouni Kenshin or commonly known as Samurai X. 
So, Rurouni Kenshin tells about an ex-assassin known as Hitokiri Battousai( Battousai the Killer)/Himura Battousai who left his past to turn over a new leaf. He vanished for 10 years and then returned to his home town, he was known as Himura Kenshin. He knew that a fake "Battousai" had been killing people, so it's up to Kenshin to put a stop to it and bring peace to his village once again, thus without killing any more.

I like everything about the movie...the casts, the costumes, the scenes, the props, the actions.. everything. It was a really awesome movie. Takeru Sato was a great actor..he brought Kenshin to life! He had the looks and the talent.

Hmm..critics?? It feels a little awkward for a 16-year-old girl like me to give critics to such an amazing movie produced by Warner Bros. Japan. I go!
~ Keishi Otomo( Director) had done his job well..I love his work. Thanks to him, Rurouni Kenshin is now a hit blockbuster! I salute you!!
~ Takeda Kanryu, played by Teruyuki Kagawa. I just wanna say one thing about him..he doesn't look like Takeda Kanryu. Yep..that's just about it. By the way ..Kagawa is an AWESOME actor. He really brought  Kanryu to life! Kanryu's a living breathing villain and I love him! Mr Teruyuki Kagawa..I salute you! You are magnificent, your acting skills and facial expressions are really ..really MIND-BLOWING. Kanryu's now my favourite character.

 My rating for this movie is..10/10. Everything's just perfect!! It's one of the best movies I've watched. I love Rurouni Kenshin. Thanks to Uncle Yob for recommending this movie to me.
And now..I'm recommending you guys to watch it, so watch it!! it's a MUST-WATCH  movie!

Owh are some fan arts I did at hostel,

Kenshin's Party Time!

In the Rain, Kanryu and Me 

( nyahaha..I'm a Kanryu fangirl!)

Okay, I guess that's about it. See ya later.

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